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NUTRITION 12 addresses for a gourmet and healthy lunch

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Personalized and concrete support throughout your treatment and all that to help you get better and gradually integrate the right changes into your lifestyle.

What better way to start than with a recap of our best healthy addresses in Paris?

Judy – Paris 6th

The dishes are created by Dominique Gassin, Australian naturopath and founder of Yellow . The quality canteen means eating while adopting a lifestyle that is good for you, your body and your mind, while respecting others and the planet. Judy passes on her values ​​and balance to you to have a great day.

On the menu :

  • Happiness and lemons
  • Healthy specialties
  • Gluten free recipes

Wild & The Moon – Paris 1st and 3rd

The restaurant chain offers a selection of cold-pressed juices, vegetable drinks, salads, soups to desserts and snacks.

The products are homemade, made from fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots and wild plants, all from organic and local agriculture.

A cuisine without refined sugars, without additives, without preservatives, without GMOs, gluten or dairy products.

On the menu :

  • Local ingredients
  • Sunshine
  • Superfoods

Us – Paris 2nd, 9th, 10th & 11th

This “fast-good” with around twenty seats, offers a very varied menu adapted to everyone's tastes (and diets). For those with allergies, a beef “noulet” hot box guaranteed gluten-free, for the lactose intolerant, roast “noulet” with barbecue or chili sauce, a daily special for vegans and many other specialties for omnivores.

On the menu :

  • Mediterranean cuisine
  • A brunch every day
  • Fresh juices and smoothies

PH7 Equilibre – Paris 3rd & 9th

At this address, balance is as much that of the body as that of the mind.

PH7 invites you to move towards an overall balance, starting with a healthy and delicious diet, thanks to the principle of acid-base balance.

This balance is one of the determining elements of our overall health. Their concept is therefore to combine pleasure and health: eating healthily while doing good.

On the menu :

  • Gourmet plates
  • A balanced kitchen
  • 100% vegetarian 

Jah Jah by the Tricycle – Paris 10th

Jah Jah (little brother of the famous Tricycle) offers Ital cuisine inspired by the Rastafari movement. You will find hot, cold or raw bowls and lots of 100% vegan things. The tables are colorful, the glasses simple, the cutlery and chopsticks in a pot; enough to offer you a friendly, no-fuss atmosphere on the other side of the world.

On the menu :

  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Fresh products
  • A menu that varies 

Yumi – Paris 10th

Green lovers, at Yumi it's overflowing with raw vegetables, vitamin potions, edible micro-greens sprinkled with good humor, delicacy and well-being. The vegetable juices are organic, raw, cold pressed, unpasteurized, without additives, without preservatives, without sugar, without water and 100% natural.

On the menu :

  • Juices squeezed with love
  • A wellness break
  • Plant-based cuisine

Hunter Gatherers – Paris 9th

If you pay close attention to your diet or follow a special diet, this is the place for you. Chasseurs Cueilleurs offers low-carb recipes that favor lean meats, fish, eggs and low-starch fruits and vegetables. The products come from small local and regional producers, seasonal, sugar-free, lactose-free and GMO-free.

On the menu :

  • Low Carb Recipes
  • Local producers
  • Seasonal products

Love Juice Bar – Paris 10th

At Love Juice Bar, Nadia, the founder, concocts exclusively vegan juices and dishes before your eyes. It offers you homemade smoothies, the famous açai bowl and its derivatives in the form of superfood bowls which will meet each of your sweet expectations.

On the savory side, the restaurant offers you various healthy formats including the inevitable avocado toast on its gluten-free bread of course!

On the menu :

  • Incredible bowls
  • Pressed juices
  • Lots of avocado toast

Bob's Juice Bar – Paris 10th

Between République and Gare de l'Est, a New York exile has set up shop, imposing a fun concept where games and books intermingle, available to customers. At Bob's Juice Bar, we serve salads, sandwiches, muffins, pancakes, soups, all accompanied by very popular fruit cocktails.

On the menu :

  • Bowls, muffins & bagels
  • 100% homemade
  • Freshness

The resistance fighters – Paris 10th

The resistance fighters created a direct link between producers and greedy citizens. The menu changes daily depending on arrivals and the seasons. They develop their menu in a simple way and based on the quality of the products that compose it.

On the menu :

  • Seasonal products
  • Committed cuisine
  • Perfect setting

Blackberry – Paris 11th

This restaurant offers 35 seats and a terrace for sunny days.

Plus, everything is homemade, even the bread and sodas! The menu varies from quiches, to vegetarian couscous, to the legendary sweet potato gratin, ending with numerous gluten-free desserts; all accompanied by an organic drink made from apple, kiwi and hibiscus juice for example!

On the menu :

  • Homemade right down to the sodas
  • Canteen to eat
  • Organic products

Liife – Paris 2nd

This address offers a concept focused on sport and health while combining with the environment. All their recipes respond to 3 main types of efforts. Whether you are a fan of yoga, running or even cross-training, Liife adapts to your practices by informing you of all the calories and energy values ​​that make up the dishes offered.

On the menu :

  • Sports meals
  • Vegan friendly
  • Calculated nutrient intakes