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NUTRITION 3 books that will change your outlook on food

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Hippocrates said a few centuries ago: "let your food be your only medicine" and to honor him, here is a selection of 3 inspiring nutrition books that may change your outlook on food !

1. The best way to eat 🍍

Thierry Souccar and Angélique Houlbert

We like : Its guide format and its clear and scientifically validated explanations. There are also little practical and colorful tips to incorporate into your daily cooking.

Sound + feel good: Fun, to learn how to decipher a food label, organize and compose your menus or even follow your progress in your food hygiene changes!

For : Young and old

Price : €19.90

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2. The Kousmine method 🌿

Dr Catherine Kousmine Foundation

We like : A 5-pillar method rich in wisdom and teachings by the famous Dr. Kousmine. A real prevention guide for your health which views the body in a global and holistic way.

Sound + feel good : Practical and visual advice in the form of tables and illustrations to know how to compose your meals and as a bonus the recipe for the famous Budwig cream for an ideal and delicious breakfast.😋

For : Those most familiar with healthy eating

Price : €12.70

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3. Nutrition Yoga 🙏


We like : The association between nutrition and yoga, its conception of food as solar light from which the energy thus extracted is distributed throughout all the organs.

Sound + feel good : Its spiritual side

For : Yogis and those who like to fly to the stars ⭐

Price : €9.60

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