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BIEN-ETRE The 10 best books on well-being

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Today, we're telling you about an excellent way to spend your confinement period: reading. In addition to relaxing, reading a good book will allow you to stimulate your brain, because like all the other muscles in the body, it needs to be maintained. Reading works the memory and helps keep the mind clearer. It is therefore a real brain gymnastics that takes place when we immerse ourselves in a book.

This practice is also a very good way to improve your sleep. By opening a book before going to sleep, you are establishing a ritual that sends a signal to the body that it is time to rest.

It is possible to buy books via numerous online sales platforms such as Amazon or Fnac, which continue deliveries of paper books. This is also an opportunity to try your hand at selling digital books or experiment with audio books.

To help you, we have selected our 10 favorite books on well-being:

Lagom or the new Swedish art of living, Niki Brantmark

In this book, Niki Brantmark reveals the secrets of lagom, this Swedish philosophy which literally means "just enough." Part of the "slow" trend is the idea that we can find balance , the right measure in your life, without making big changes, and knowing how to appreciate what you already have without depriving yourself. Introducing lagom into your lifestyle means, for example, learning to declutter your home, taking a day off where you ban screens or setting aside a day with your family.

The power of the present moment, Eckhart Tollé

This book has no other ambition than to make happy those who wish to play the game of happiness. Eckart Tollé gives tips and tricks for taking the positive side of life, even when misfortune overwhelms us. Living in the present moment means learning to let go, to focus on what we are doing here and now. A real challenge in our busy lives!

Happiness is in the little, Francine Jay

A book dedicated to learning how to cultivate a minimalist mindset in the long term and learning to enjoy without necessarily owning. THE main subject of this book is the reader and his only concerns.

Francine Jay begins her work with a long section devoted to learning to enjoy without necessarily possessing. After this little mental warm-up, she offers a 10-point method called “STREAMLINE”.

The four Toltec agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz

Like the ten commandments of the Bible, this work aims to free us from daily pressure, responsible for much physical and psychological suffering. This book explains how contemporary societies feed bodies and minds with fear of tomorrow and thus limit our abilities to perceive the feeling of freedom. Don Miguel shows in very simple terms how we can free ourselves from collective conditioning in order to rediscover the dimension of unconditional love.

My low tox life, Alexx STUART

This book helps you see more clearly in the jungle of industrial products, around four axes: the body, the house, the diet and the state of mind. Alexx reviews everything, from the endocrine disruptors contained in our beauty products to the challenge represented by the battle against plastic in our modern world, through the development of green and toxin-free cleaning products. GO GREEN!

I'm happy, Margot Youmakefashion

There you will find anti-stress advice, little sophrology exercises for speaking in public or overcoming claustrophobia, Do It Yourself, recipes, and lots of other super useful things. Margot and her mother Catherine, sophrologist, present a book of 4-handed advice for creating a beautiful and HAPPY life!

The praise of lightness, Dominique Loreau

An encouragement to get rid of everything that weighs you down physically and psychologically. The book explains how to free yourself from the weight of the past and the suffering of having too much. Above all, it informs the reader about the objects we own and the weight they can have on our lives.

The harmonist method, Raymond Dextreit

An essential book for those interested in aspects of natural medicine. We find there in particular the benefits of clay but also some ideas on food! According to Raymond, all the possibilities for healing are in nature. The harmonist method is coherent and synthetic; it allows revitalization through food and drainage thanks to natural remedies.

Dare to be optimistic, Catherine Testa

For Catherine, a new romantic relationship, a change of profession or a new project, whatever your objective, overcome your fears and gain confidence in yourself. The key ? OPTIMISM! She therefore wrote a short guide to explain to us what actions do us good and how to put them into practice. Punctuated with concrete examples and positive mantras, this little guide is perfect for putting a smile back on your face!

The day I learned to live, Laurent Gounelle

A story that feels good, that makes us question ourselves, in a positive way. In this novel, Laurent gives a particular role to nature, to the importance it has when it comes to refocusing on oneself, then on one's relationship with others. This novel, whose plot is based on real scientific experiments, sheds new light on our existence and our relationships with others, and brings a breath of pure air into our lives.

Hoping that this list has made everyone and the skeptics want to read.

You are free to devour one and/or all of them....or you can choose to read the pile of books you never had time to delve into ;)

Good reading !