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BIEN-ETRE The 8 minerals for healthy skin


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Having a fairly high intake of minerals and vitamins is necessary to be healthy and fit. Food plays a vital role in providing your body with all the essential nutrients for its proper functioning. So today we are going to give you advice on the foods to eat in order to be in great shape.

To find out which are the best minerals , we have put together a small list of 8 natural minerals that improve your beauty, your health and your physical performance.


This mineral is one of the most present in our body, within which it has several functions. It is a necessary element for immunity, it helps the body recover from injuries, fights acne, regulates sebum production and promotes the production of new cells. It helps keep your skin beautiful inside and out. The body does not store or manufacture this mineral, so you must consume foods rich in zinc such as vegetables or eggs in order to achieve a sufficient daily intake.


Silica comes from silicon, the second most naturally occurring element on the planet, it is also the third most present mineral in the human body.

Like calcium, it is essential for the growth of our bones. It is also called "beauty mineral" because it has the function of promoting the production of collagen which strengthens the skin , its elasticity, the nails and takes care of the health of the hair . It is contained in various foods such as bananas, spinach and even mangoes. Food supplements can be a miracle solution for this mineral because they are very effective. This is explained by the fact that our body digests this mineral , preventing it from dispersing correctly and optimally throughout the body .


If your skin is very dry, you should quickly think about including potassium in your daily routine. This mineral helps keep skin hydrated, promotes cell regeneration and rebalances the skin's pH. It can be found in potatoes, dried fruits and even bananas. It also acts as a regulator of sebum production, which means it helps reduce the appearance of scars and redness. In addition to being a real beauty product, regular consumption of sufficient amounts of potassium is very important for the proper functioning of the heart. To obtain the maximum beneficial effects of potassium, it must be combined with sodium present in salt, for example. It is present in lentils, dried dates, prunes.


According to the World Health Organization, 75% of the population has a magnesium deficiency. However, it helps treat migraines, improves heart health , helps with digestion and is an essential ally for our skin . It is present in tofu, avocado and even dark chocolate. It also helps improve the overall appearance of the skin by reducing cortisol levels and stabilizing hormones. Magnesium is also an element that helps reduce daily stress surges. It is also essential in the human body because it is the cofactor of numerous enzymatic actions. That is to say that the enzymes need its presence to act between them. Another benefit? YES !

Magnesium can also be used as a gel on the cheekbones to replace a highlighter.

Omega 3

Omega 3 are trace elements belonging to the lipid family, they are present in large quantities in salmon but are also found in avocado, almonds - this mineral reduces cholesterol levels - improves heart health but is also very good for caring for your skin and making it prettier. It limits inflammation and treats acne. If you plan to be healthy from head to toe, this mineral must be essential!


Like calcium, it plays an essential role in maintaining good bone health . It constitutes one of the main elements of the cell membrane.

A phosphorus deficiency is dangerous for the body because it allows the maintenance of blood PH and the synthesis of DNA. When consumed in large quantities it helps fight fatigue.


Calcium is the mineral present in the greatest quantity in the human body, it is contained at 98% in bones. The level of calcium in the blood is low. Calcium deficiencies can lead to bone fragility and diseases such as rickets. It is present in water and in dairy products.


It is a trace element that enters into the structure of several substances called antioxidant enzymes. These enzymes allow the production of vitamins C and E but also to develop the immune response. It is found in meat and nuts.

The identification of these minerals will have allowed you to know the elements necessary for the proper functioning of the body which are not manufactured by it.

With this information you will now be able to choose a healthier diet in order to guarantee a better balance of minerals according to your needs.

Other elements such as vitamins are also necessary for your health .

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