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BIEN-ETRE And you, what is your skin type?

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The Wake Me Up Paris team committed to a more natural and responsible beauty offers products with simple, transparent formulations, without controversial substances and all 100% made in France.

In this article they will tell you everything about your skin type : normal, dry, combination or oily!

Why know your skin type ?

So as not to make mistakes and apply the right care !

Do you think you have oily skin and therefore it cannot be sensitive ? Are you convinced that you have sensitive skin because you can't stand any skincare ? Do you think your skin is dry because it's so tight? And if in reality you were wrong and the treatments you chose were not so suitable... One word of advice: listen to this wonderful organ that is the skin and adapt the treatments according to its needs.

What is my skin type?

1. Normal skin

It's a bit like the GRAIL we all dream of: perfectly comfortable skin , with regular skin texture and an even complexion. The pore is tightened and goodbye shine. But warning, stress and hormonal imbalances can also turn it upside down. She loves antioxidant and balancing treatments .

2. Dry skin

Fine, in general, it lacks sebum. So it feels tight and flakes . Note that she is not a big fan of climate change. And if she spoke, it wouldn't be surprising to hear her shout "Fat, fat, fat!" ". She loves nourishing treatments .

3. Combination skin

It's a little the most common skin type . Its main characteristics are as follows:

- It is oily in the T zone (forehead, nose, chin) and has imperfections .

- It tends to be normal or even dry on the cheeks.

To take care of it, oscillate between balancing and nourishing treatments .

4. Oily skin

A hell of a program: shine, enlarged pores, comedones and blackheads.

And all this because it produces excess sebum which causes it some inconvenience but protects it from the effects of time.

That's its little bonus: oily skin being the skin type that suffers the least from the passage of time, it generally has very few wrinkles. Regulate it with balancing treatments .

5. Combos

We often find ourselves in several categories at the same time: any skin type can be sensitive , dehydrated or even mature.

For example :

The combination and sensitive skin combo: it presents imperfections and reacts to external aggressions. Plum or jojoba oil might work for him.

The oily and dehydrated skin combo: it shines but thirsts for water. Fine lines from dehydration can appear as well as spots and imperfections . Hazelnut oil would suit him best.

The dry and mature skin combo : it pulls and relaxes. Head for plum oil which can work miracles.

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