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RECETTES Recipe for rhubarb clafoutis with dates

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This recipe was composed by Valérie Cupillard. Culinary creator, she is the author of 40 vegetarian cookbooks.

A specialist in recipes without gluten or dairy products , she has also written several books on the subject, laying out the foundations of alternative cuisine for people allergic or intolerant to certain foods .

Ingredients :

  • 600 g of rhubarb
  • 100 g pitted dates
  • 160 g of flour
  • 80 g of white almond powder
  • 180 g of blond cane sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 80 cl of rice milk
  • the zest of an orange

The dates cooked in the clafoutis temper the acidity of the rhubarb. You can consider this type of marriage with fruits that are not very sweet.

Preparation :

  • Prepare the rhubarb: peel it by pulling the threads and cut it into small cubes in a salad bowl.
  • Add the sugar and mix. Leave to macerate for ten minutes.
  • Preheat the oven to thermostat 7.
  • Mix the rice flour with the almond powder. Add the eggs and rice milk.
  • Finely grate the peel of the orange to collect its zest.
  • Add the rhubarb to the dough as well as a teaspoonful of fine zest.
  • Stone and cut the dates into mini-dices which you spread at the bottom of an oven dish or several individual dishes (such as small Catalan cream dishes) greased with a little vegetable margarine.
  • Cover with the dough mixed with rhubarb and immediately bake in the hot oven.
  • Depending on the thickness of the dough, allow 35 to 45 minutes of cooking time.

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