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RECETTES Recipe: sesame rice noodle salad (gluten-free)

2min reading time

Gluten-free, protein-packed and loaded with comforting “good” fats, here you have your summer salad that will bring together healthy tribes and comfort food fans. Cardboard assured.


Preparation: 10 mins

Cooking time: 2-5 mins

Organic ingredients (for 2 people):

For the salad:

- 250 g of rice noodles of your choice (you will find them in organic stores or Asian grocery stores where fresh noodles are even better. Otherwise in supermarkets where the rice noodles from the Asian section do the job with honors)

- 1 half cucumber

- 2 carrots

- 4 handfuls of fresh young spinach leaves (3 if the leaves are large)

- 10 fresh mint leaves

- 10 sprigs of fresh coriander

For the sauce (the heart of the job):

- 4 tablespoons of toasted sesame seeds (or normal sesame that you will gently heat in a fat-free pan over medium heat until golden)

- 3 tbsp Tamari (or soy sauce if you don't have any)

- 2 tbsp roasted sesame oil

- 2 tbsp rice vinegar or lime juice

- 2 tbsp peanuts

- 1 tsp agave syrup

- a piece of peeled fresh ginger, the equivalent of a knuckle of a thumb

- 1 clove of degermed and peeled garlic.

For the topping:

- a small additional handful of sesame seeds and peanuts crushed with a pestle

Preparation :

- Prepare the rice noodles according to the package instructions (it usually takes 2 minutes) and rinse them with cold water in a colander, then put them in your salad bowl with a few drops of sesame oil. Be careful not to overcook them, they must remain slightly firm because the sauce will make them a little more soggy.

- For the sauce : throw all the ingredients into your food processor or mini blender to mix everything well. Once everything is smooth, gradually add a few tablespoons of water to loosen the sauce (as it will be a little paste) and mix again.

- Prepare the vegetables : wash the spinach shoots, cut the herbs, peel the carrots and cut them into large strips with a peeler. Cut the cucumbers into matchsticks.

- Place all the vegetables and half of the herbs in the salad bowl on top of the noodles, add the sauce, mix well, and serve in individual bowls. Add herbs and peanuts and sesame seeds as a topping (for a “crunchy treat”).

- Get ready for a big treat.


This recipe also works very well in a hot version with steamed broccoli instead of the raw vegetables in this recipe.