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RECETTES Express recipes for balanced breakfasts


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Here is one of the good changes to gradually integrate into your lifestyle. Quickly discover our delicious and balanced breakfast recipes!

1. The Frenchie 🤴

1 lemony ginger infusion ( tip feel good: add a few drops of lemon floral water for vitality)

1 slice of nitrite-free ham

1 piece of goat cheese ( tip feel good: a few sprigs of rosemary or thyme)

1 slice of wholemeal bread with oilseed puree without added sugar

1 apple (feel good tip: sprinkle with cinnamon to lower blood sugar)


2. British 🍳

1 green tea (feel good tip: a few mint leaves to freshen your breath)

1 boiled egg ( tip feel good: to sprinkle with turmeric for its digestive and anti-inflammatory properties)

1 fresh mushroom salad

1 slice of wholemeal bread spread with almond puree without added sugar

1 pear (tip feel good melt a square of 70% dark chocolate)

3. The fisherman 🐟

1 matcha tea

1 slice of salmon ( tip feel good: make a little fromage blanc and dill sauce)

1 slice of wholemeal bread spread with seaweed tartare ( tip feel good: a few sprigs of candied lemon or a few drops of fresh lemon)

1 peach

4. Detox 🥒

1 vegetable juice cucumber, spinach, lemon, ginger

1 bunch of shrimp ( tip feel good: a little miso sauce and a few sesame seeds)

1 handful of cherry tomatoes

1 handful of oatmeal in almond milk ( tip feel good: roasted almond milk)

1 punnet of blueberries

5. The budwig 🌸

1 rooibos tea

1 sheep's milk cottage cheese with oat flakes, nuts and a mix of pumpkin seeds, ground flax and goji berries ( feel good tip: make your own granola)

1 punnet of raspberries ( tip feel good: sprinkle them with rose hydrosol)

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Solène Senejko

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