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BIEN-ETRE The harmful effects of a lack of sleep

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Sleep duration varies depending on your physical condition and age. There is a minimum number of hours of sleep that must be respected in order to satisfy the body 's needs and stay in shape. In this article, Angélique presents the main consequences of a lack of sleep .

The impact of lack of sleep on weight

Whether long or short term, lack of sleep has an impact on weight. This is simply due to the fact that when we are tired the pleasure area in the brain is more sensitive, so we tend to consume more fatty or sugary foods that make us happy.

In addition, the appetite is increased tenfold and the feeling of satiety takes much longer to arrive.

So sleeping can increase the risk of gaining a few pounds by 50% in men and 34% in women. In the long term, getting little sleep leads to massive weight gain. In the United States lack of sleep has created a national scourge, Americans tend to be obese because of their lack of sleep. Obesity has serious consequences on an individual's general health and leads to many other diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Lack of sleep not only has a harmful effect on adults but also on children. Those who sleep less than the recommended hours have a higher BMI than those who respect the suggested sleep duration, and tend to grow less because growth hormones are particularly developed during the sleep phases.

The impact of lack of sleep on cardiovascular diseases

Long-term lack of sleep has an impact on cardiovascular health, in fact when an individual lacks sleep they produce certain hormones or molecules which are dangerous for their health and which increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart risk. .

In fact, according to scientific studies, sleeping less than 6 hours per night can increase the risk of heart attacks by 48%.

Note that it is however not recommended to sleep more than 9 hours per night, this may be an indicator of already present cardiovascular disease.

The effects of lack of sleep on concentration and memory

Short-term lack of sleep has an impact on your tone, it increases daytime sleepiness.

But it also has an impact on your ability to concentrate and memorize. When we sleep, the brain regenerates its cells. It sorts the information you processed during your day, and organizes it according to its importance. Essential data is stored and processed, less important data is put aside.

So after a good night's sleep all the important information is processed, and you can start a new day with your counters at zero.

You therefore have the opportunity to concentrate on new tasks and have increased alertness, in fact your brain faculties are strengthened, as well as your neuronal connections.

Conversely, sleeping too little reduces your ability to concentrate and pay attention. The brain is disoriented and memory problems are increased.

It is therefore very important to respect the recommended duration of sleep in children because to learn to read, write or count you need a great ability to concentrate and memorize.

The effects of lack of sleep on mood

Lack of sleep has a strong short-term impact on our emotions and our perception of things, however neutral they may be.

An American study during which individuals were deprived of sleep for one night demonstrated that when we do not sleep for a night our emotions are increased tenfold.

When we lack sleep, certain connections are no longer made between the amgygdal and the cerebral cortex, a connection necessary for the correct perception of things and the control of our emotions.

During the study, individuals who had pulled an all-nighter were shown neutral images and more shocking images. Even when faced with neutral images, emotional reactions were disproportionate.

It has also been proven that a sleepless night or a week consisting of nights lasting less than 5 hours would put us in a state identical to having 1 gram of alcohol in our blood.

Therefore, it is not surprising that long-term lack of sleep increases the risk of depression.

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The effects of lack of sleep on immunity

In case of chronic lack of sleep , both the immune system and the glandular system can suffer from an imbalance. In fact, lack of sleep reduces the ability of the immune system to play its protective role, since antibodies and white blood cells are less effective when you get little sleep. For example, we are 3 times more likely to catch a cold if we sleep less than eight hours per night.

Lack of sleep increases the risk of premature death

Short- or long-term lack of sleep increases the risk of premature death.

In the short term, when we lack sleep we are more likely to die from a road accident or a domestic accident because we are less vigilant.

In France, one in three fatal road accidents is caused by drowsiness. Thus reducing the length of time people who lack sleep live.

In the long term, lack of sleep increases the risk of having a serious illness such as cardiovascular disease, as seen previously. But it also increases the risk of developing intestinal, breast or prostate cancer.

It is therefore more than necessary to sleep between 7 and 8 hours per night to be in good shape and in good health.

A lack of energy and reduced concentration.

Quality, long-term sleep allows the body to recharge with energy . If the body cannot regain energy , you will feel tired and less able to carry out your many activities. This will make it difficult for you to be at your best and be productive.

If lack of sleep has many harmful effects on health , it should be noted that brain functions are the most affected. The latter are very sensitive to sleep disturbances. When there is too much of a lack of it, attention is easily slackened, your ability to memorize is reduced and it will be difficult for you to react quickly. You will also have difficulty making decisions and will be easily irritable.

The risk of accentuating imbalances linked to your metabolism

It is important to know that lack of sleep per night can cause dysfunctions in the body . The probability of suffering from cardiovascular disorders becomes greater and you also expose yourself to a drop in immunity and therefore the development of infections.

In case of chronic lack of sleep , both the immune system and the glandular system can suffer from an imbalance. It then becomes easy for a person who sleeps less than 6 hours at night to develop eating disorders, mental disorders, etc.

Daily fatigue is the dread of people who don't get enough sleep. This state generally causes them to eat more and in different ways. In the long term, excess weight can set in with all the harmful consequences that result from too much lack of sleep .

Sleep is very important for your health , allows you to access well-being and the best of yourself. You absolutely must not neglect it and take the necessary precautions if you find it difficult to take more than 6 hours to sleep.