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BIEN-ETRE Tips & tricks for strengthening your nails


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Do your nails appear fragile, brittle, split, soft or have white marks or streaks? Detergent products, dietary deficiencies, poor maintenance, etc. as with hair, nails are subject to external aggression or certain internal disorders which can weaken them and strongly impact their condition. Don't worry, they can regain all their vitality and good health thanks to a few good habits. We tell you everything about the right actions to adopt on a daily basis.

Why do nails break and split?

Nails are formed from a natural protein called keratin, which is made up of amino acids. The nail matrix, located under the skin, at the base of the nail, produces keratin continuously and thus allows the nails to develop, to be resistant to external aggressions and to be healthy.

When keratin is weakened, problems are observed in the nails: they become soft, brittle, streaked and split. There are many factors responsible for weakening nails. Due to their porous nature, they are particularly sensitive to prolonged contact with water, which makes them soft and causes them to split. In fact, it causes the keratin plaques to swell, separates them and dries them out. In addition, maintenance products are aggressive and damage the upper layer of the nail. Other causes explain the fragility of nails such as exposure to extreme temperatures, aging, regular manicures, fatigue, stress, micronutrient deficiencies (in particular zinc, vitamins A or B) or bad daily habits. like biting your nails or using an iron file.

What are the good habits to adopt for strong nails?

Even if certain internal factors impact the health of our nails, it is mainly our daily actions that damage the keratin and lead to nail problems. Fortunately, it is possible to overcome it quickly by simply changing some of our habits.

Moisturize your nails regularly

Behind their rigid appearance, you probably imagine that hydrating your nails is useless. Yet it is essential to their growth. By regularly moisturizing your hands, nails and cuticles you will deeply nourish and strengthen them. So as soon as possible, give your nails a little massage using a nourishing oil rich in essential fatty acids (castor oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, etc.) or a hand cream. to hydrate them and stimulate the nail matrix.

Protect your hands with gloves

You know that during household chores, cleaning products weaken the nails. Indeed, because of their porosity, they are particularly sensitive to hot water, chemicals and are more likely to become brittle, soft and split. So to prevent your nails from being damaged, remember to wear gloves, especially when doing the dishes and cleaning, it is the only solution to protect them properly.

Use treatments to strengthen your nails

Depending on the nature of your nails, there are different types of products to improve their health. Lemon and basil essential oils are particularly effective on brittle and ridged nails. There are also hardening varnishes which strengthen the structure of the nail and limit the risk of splitting. Finally, you can apply the well-known grandmother's remedies. Between lemon juice, salt water bath, baking soda, or brewer's yeast, you have the choice. You can put 1 or 2 tablespoons of salt in a bowl of water or use lemon juice and soak your fingers in it for several minutes. In addition to being whitened, they will be visibly stronger.

Switch to a nutrient-rich diet

If external aggressions are partly responsible for the condition of the nails, our diet also plays an important role since a deficiency in proteins, iron, zinc, calcium, sulfur or vitamin B can be the cause of soft nails or brittle. Thus, a balanced diet rich in macro and micronutrients helps improve nail health. You can also turn to food supplements which will stimulate the production of keratin and thus strengthen the nail matrix. L' Essentiel Cheveux & Nails allows you to take care of your nails and strengthen them over the long term thanks to its very complete formula based on pea shoot extract, biotin, vitamins & minerals.

Choose a suitable routine

One of the habits to integrate into your daily life as quickly as possible is to regularly file your nails with a cardboard file, much gentler and more respectful than an iron file or a nail clipper. In fact, the longer the nails are, the more they tend to become fragile and split. Note that you should avoid moving back and forth with the file and prefer a movement from the outside to the inside, always in the same direction.

Let your nails breathe

It is sometimes very difficult to do without varnish. However, regular manicures can be aggressive and damage the nail. Although nails do not necessarily need to breathe, they are weakened by the application of nail polish remover and by the chemicals contained in nail polishes. So for one week a month, do yourself a favor and let your nails breathe (no hardening varnish, no solvent, no manicure). Consider using a mild acetone-free nail polish remover to avoid drying out your nails and making them even more brittle. Your nails will thank you!

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