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BIEN-ETRE Want to sleep better and have beautiful skin?

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Sleep is one of the body's vital functions and contributes to good mood, weight maintenance, the development of the memory process and the good metabolism of our body for a powerful immune system. A lack of sleep can lead to stress, cellular regeneration or even cardiovascular problems. It is therefore very important to respect its functioning and to sleep well to have deep and restorative sleep but also to have beautiful skin.

Psychologists, doctors, consultants or therapists, sleep experts can offer different solutions to improve your sleep and thus get a good night's sleep. Chamomile tea is very familiar to us, especially for its soothing properties. Only it has many more health benefits than just improving your sleep . We have harvested all the benefits that a simple and delicious chamomile tea can bring you in addition to restful sleep.


What is chamomile tea?

Chamomile tea is made from dried flowers which surprisingly does not have a strong floral taste but a delicately sweet touch. This plant has been used for its medicinal properties for decades, making it one of the best known and studied medicinal plants in the world.

What are the benefits of this tea?

Traditionally, chamomile was consumed for multiple and very different reasons. Here are the main benefits. It has been used to induce sleep, treat insomnia and fatigue, heal ulcers and wounds and also as an anti-inflammatory. Chamomile also helps soothe sore throats and effectively eases digestive disorders. Chamomile is also a good remedy to combat stress and anxiety. To do this, simply dilute a few drops of Roman chamomile essential oil in your bath and soak in it for several minutes.

Improves the quality of your sleep

Chamomile is known worldwide for its soothing properties that help with sleep . Its qualities come from the fact that it contains apigenin, an element which connects brain receptors and which will calm your nerves. Chamomile is therefore an excellent idea for sleeping well. And not just in infusion. Chamomile can even be used for benzodiazepine withdrawal. Benzodiazepines are sleep hypnotic molecules.

Who could have guessed that this plant was a real superhero?

Treats chronic insomnia

One study showed that people who took a pill of chamomile concentrate every day before going to sleep took 15 minutes less to fall asleep and woke up less in the middle of the night than people who didn't take it. .

Improves skin health and reduces inflammation

Having a bad night's sleep can accentuate skin problems such as the appearance of spots, dark circles, bags or even wrinkles. Chamomile extracts are regularly present in cosmetic and skin care products including moisturizers and lotions. The oil contained in the chamomile plant nourishes the deepest layers of the skin and epidermis , it also treats eczema (although there are better remedies to treat eczema). Dermatologists can recommend certain daytime serums that allow cell regeneration, prevent skin aging and eliminate toxins.

So...chamomile tea?

This tea is only beneficial for you, your skin and your body . Chamomile is associated with many benefits but not all have been proven such as its role in improving blood sugar levels, aiding digestion or helping to improve heart health . However, chamomile remains your best option for a good night's sleep and deep sleep .

Preparation suggestion:

Infusion: For one cup, add the equivalent of one to two spoons of Roman Chamomile powder then pour in boiling water. Leave to infuse for 5 to 10 minutes, covered. Sweeten your infusion with a little honey.

If you have difficulty falling asleep, you can also apply a drop of this oil under the sole of each foot or along the spine before going to bed.

In case of skin irritation, eczema, burns or sunburn, you can dilute a few drops of Roman chamomile essential oil in vegetable oil and apply the mixture to your skin. Chamomile will have a real soothing and healing effect .

However, Roman Chamomile is not recommended for people with asthma, pollen allergies and pregnant women.

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