Epycure certified B Corp!

Very proud to be part of this beautiful community of impact businesses

Epycure is much more than a new start-up in the well-being market, it has a role to play in the face of current challenges and carries an ambitious societal project. Thanks to formulas that are as effective as they are natural, Epycure has always supported us in a well-being routine to help us feel better every day. And we also work every day to improve the well-being of our employees and so that our company has a positive impact on the planet .

So, after months of work and months of waiting, we are very proud to be certified B Corp and to be part of this beautiful community of certified B companies . This certification is a global benchmark in terms of CSR thanks to the rigor of its evaluation and control process.

A world-renowned certification

Awarded by the B Lab organization, the B Corp label is an international certification aimed at companies whose mission is to change today's economy through responsible environmental and social practices , essential to meeting the challenges of our time . Becoming a B Corp company is not just about obtaining certification, it is above all about committing to building a more inclusive and sustainable economy, while allowing:

  1. To combine performance and CSR commitments
  2. To engage and inspire stakeholders in its image
  3. To be part of a responsible and engaged community

What does this mean for Epycure?

By remaining faithful to our values, we have been working daily for 3 years to make our economic model compatible with the planetary and societal limits that we know today. With each of our small actions, we are officially part of a community of companies fighting to be the best for the world , not the best in the world. We know that it will take time for us to be a 100% responsible brand, but we work on our environmental and societal impact every day.

Our B Corp score

Each company is invited to self-assess by answering 200 questions to concretely assess the impact of its business model around 5 pillars (Governance, Employees, Community, Environment, Customers). These responses are subject to a long audit process by B Lab. To obtain the label, it is necessary to validate a minimum score of 80 points out of 200 , which is far from easy. Note that the average score of companies that claim to be B Corp is 50.9. For our entry into the B Corp community, we obtained a score of 86.8 . By the next assessment, we want to increase our score by at least 10 points. So see you in 2025 to do even better ;)