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NUTRITION 5 foods to boost your beauty treatment

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To maximize the effects of a beauty treatment or simply integrate good eating habits to take care of yourself and your skin . Our nutrition experts offer you 5 types of essential foods to take care of your skin alongside good hydration.

1. Colorful fruits and vegetables

Carotenoids are colored pigments contained in plants and which have antioxidant properties which will protect the skin from damage from external free radicals (exposure to the sun, pollution) or internal (stress, hormonal imbalances, etc.). (1) They are found in all fruits and vegetables colored orange, yellow or red (peppers, carrots, mangoes, sweet potatoes, apricots, squash, etc.). Green vegetables also contain it (lettuce, spinach, broccoli, peas, etc.).

Water-filled fruits and vegetables (cucumber, zucchini, melon, tomato, etc.) will be useful for maintaining a sufficient level of hydration alongside the recommended 1.5L of water per day.

2. Small fatty fish

Sardines, mackerel, herring, salmon, anchovies, trout are rich in omega 3 which will fight against inflammation of the skin (1). It is recommended to integrate them into your eating habits at least twice a week with gentle cooking, steaming, canning or carpaccio. Above all, avoid frying and cooking at high temperatures as you will lose the benefits.

3. Good cold-extracted raw vegetable oils

Radiance, suppleness and softness of the skin depend on the quality of the essential fatty acids contained in the skin cell membrane . Rapeseed, flax, camelina and olive oil are rich in essential fatty acids which will also help fight inflammation and improve the suppleness and hydration of the skin (2). It is recommended to take 2 tablespoons per day (a salad dressing is enough) to meet your needs. Be careful with the use and storage of certain oils which cannot be cooked (rapeseed oil, linseed oil) and require refrigerated storage.

4. Green tea

Green tea is rich in polyphenols and will not only hydrate you but act as a powerful antioxidant against skin aging. It promotes microcirculation, therefore a greater supply of vitamins , minerals and oxygen, and fights against sun damage through its antioxidant power (3).

5. Red fruits

Blackcurrant, blackberry, raspberries, blueberries are fruits that are easy to integrate into your menus or salads and have exceptional anti-aging and antioxidant nutritional power. In addition to their richness in vitamin C which will support the production of collagen in the skin (responsible for its elasticity), they are rich in antioxidant polyphenols and their degradation by the bacteria of our intestinal microbiota would have a beneficial effect on health. (4)

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