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BIEN-ETRE The 5 keys to a return to school full of vitality

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Because we would like you to have the best time back to school, our nutrition experts suggest you integrate these 5 tips into your daily life.

1. We eat raw, fresh and organic foods to fill up on vitality.

The September displays are full of delicious fruits and vegetables (zucchini, celery, eggplant, beets, carrots, plums of all kinds) color your plates and stock up on vitamins and minerals to ensure good immunity before winter. We also ensure a quality protein intake at least twice a day (eggs, sardines, mackerel, turkey, etc.); these foods have an important role for the proper functioning of your cells and the synthesis of neurotransmitters responsible for motivation and the regulation of your mood.

2. We move by varying endurance sports, bodybuilding, swimming, yoga…

Have fun and enjoy moving and exercising. The body in motion creates more energy and the endorphins released after exercise are beneficial, especially since this state of calm lasts for at least 12 hours after a sports session. (1)

3. We practice cardiac coherence to manage stress

Cardiac coherence helps regulate stress , emotions and improve the quality of sleep . During periods of stress , it is possible that overactivation of the sympathetic nervous system (that of wakefulness) prevents the body from going into sleep mode through the release of hormones creating a state of hypervigilance (2). Cardiac coherence is a simple and easy-to-implement breathing technique to relax you. We inhale for 10 seconds then exhale for 10 seconds for 5 minutes. Every day, but especially when you want it! Expand your stomach when inhaling and pull it in when exhaling. There are mobile applications that help put it into practice.

4. We remain optimistic

Recent scientific studies have shown that optimism reduces cardiovascular risk. It would also help strengthen immunity . And marvelously, it would increase life expectancy! So smile, life is beautiful :) (3)

5. We take our vitamins

September is the perfect month to boost your immunity before winter and review your eating habits. Alongside a healthy lifestyle, you might need a little boost to brave the approaching winter and be in shape all year round. Don't miss the article on the 5 tips to boost your immunity .

Happy back to school!

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These tips are intended to improve your well-being and in no case replace medical follow-up or a consultation with your naturopath.