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BIEN-ETRE 6 outdoor activities to recharge your batteries

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Whether hiking, skiing, fishing, paddle boarding, sailing or even trail running, nature offers incredible activity opportunities, accessible to everyone, whether you are a walker or a competitor. And beyond all the benefits for the body, activities in nature have many beneficial effects on your mind. They free the mind by chasing away everyday stress and allow you to reconnect with yourself and nature. So to help you take full advantage of the natural spaces around you, we offer 6 outdoor activities to help you exercise and recharge your batteries.

Treetop adventure courses to play like Tarzan

This summer, if you want to challenge yourself through an original and fun sporting activity in a natural setting, opt for the treetop adventure course! This outdoor activity allows you to combine discovery of nature and the pleasures of climbing while sharing a pleasant moment with friends or family with your children. Suitable for all levels, it allows you to surpass yourself. The pleasure found there can make you forget it, but real physical effort is necessary. Tone your muscles, gain agility and strengthen your balance, all without even thinking about it: it's great!

Orienteering, thinking to run better

Easy to plan alone to escape or as a team to share a moment in nature, orienteering is a perfect activity for you who are looking for a sporting and mental challenge that combines reflection with physical effort. In addition to improving endurance, it requires a strong sense of direction and skills of concentration and logic. Unlike running, orienteering courses make you forget that you are running thanks to their fun aspect and the thinking game they involve.

Hikes to reconnect with the essentials

To combine the benefits of getting back into shape with the pleasure of walks in the great outdoors, opt for a short hike in the forest, in the mountains or by the sea. This tasty mix of discoveries, explorations and exercises should be seen as a real moment of communion with nature which allows you to disconnect from your daily life and reduce nervous tension. Unlike certain intensive sports, hiking also allows for complete strengthening of the body by gently using the muscles and joints.

Climbing, gymnastics between body and mind

If you want to surpass yourself and push your limits both in practicing a sport and in your daily life, try outdoor climbing. In addition to conveying very good values ​​such as mutual aid, determination and self-confidence, it is a very complete which uses almost all the muscles of the body. But it’s not just a strength sport! At the same time, climbing develops flexibility and balance and stimulates brain functions to solve the puzzles of the route.

Sailing, to escape on the water

Take advantage of a day of sailing, this activity known for its therapeutic virtues, to discover the world from another point of view and stock up on iodine. Sea air loaded with iodine is scientifically proven to soothe headaches and help us decompress. Added to this is the contemplation of seascapes which allows you to escape and put aside the little stresses of everyday life. So whether you are a beginner or a competitor, you will find what you enjoy there!

Packraft, for challenging expeditions

If you are an adventurer who wants to mix physical activity and a change of scenery, go for it and experience intense expeditions close to home thanks to packrafting. This new concept allows you to combine several outdoor activities: you can choose to go hiking while crossing rivers on your inflatable canoe kayak. So, in addition to toning the muscles of the upper and lower body, packrafting will soothe your mind by taking you out of your routine and will allow you to enjoy the landscapes in a different way, in a calm and peaceful environment.

In addition to working the entire body, these numerous outdoor sports are sources of well-being. They allow you to enjoy the benefits of outdoor activities, according to your desires, and all while respecting nature. If you would like more details on these sports or information on where it is possible to practice them, take a look at the website of the Ministry responsible for sports.