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BIEN-ETRE 7 resolutions for the new year

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It is well known that health and vitality are the consequence of a series of daily actions that improve our well-being and help us take life with optimism and joy. Just like we train a muscle, these actions train our mind to see the positive side of life and just like our body responded to years of neglect by causing imbalance or illness, it quickly recovers when we start taking it. care. Here are 7 daily habits that will help you be happy:

1. Be grateful

When you wake up, take a moment to lie in bed, feel your body , you are alive and healthy , so be grateful for this new day before you. Practicing gratitude often beautifies our lives and helps us realize that our desires are often superfluous.

2. Have a large glass of water when you wake up

While we sleep peacefully, our organs take advantage of the night's rest to repair and cleanse themselves. This is why it is so interesting to make it last as long as possible. When you wake up, rather than throwing yourself at your toast, wait a little and take a good glass of water at room temperature to hydrate yourself and activate your elimination organs. In this way you will collaborate in the purification of your body , facilitating the exit of toxins treated during the night.

3. Move, sweat

Exercising is as important as eating well. Whatever activity you choose, do the one that you prefer or that best suits your constraints, but get moving! You will promote the circulation of your blood and lymph, you will sweat and eliminate toxins more effectively. And if you can choose to do it outside, take advantage of this moment to breathe fresh air and feel the sun, wind or rain on your skin .

4. Take time for yourself

Take the time to cultivate your inner well-being , whether by taking a breath or meditating. Even if it's just 5 or 10 minutes a day. Create for yourself this space of introspection and observation to increase your window of tolerance in the face of external stress . Additionally, when we breathe fully and consciously (which we rarely do!), we help oxygenate our cells and tissues, and promote the elimination of waste.

5. Eat foods that nourish you

Choose lively, nutritious foods . Respectfully sourced fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, legumes, eggs and animal foods. Eliminate industrial and ultra-processed pseudo-foods.

6. Spend time doing what truly makes you happy

We don't realize that we tend to put any external task ahead of our real needs and concerns. So, in the same way that you organize a meeting or pick up your children from school, plan your free time and use this space to learn something you like, see your friends, read, take a walk... The possibilities are infinite!

7. Get enough sleep

When we feel rested, we can experience the new day with 100% of our energy .

In addition to regenerating and oxygenating our cells and tissues, rest strengthens our immune system , helps us soothe our minds and release tension and negative memories.

If you apply these good resolutions, you will optimize your well-being and that of those around you. Because smiles are contagious! And this positive energy that you will generate, will nourish you and deeply nourish your cells and your soul.