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This week, in Club Bonheur, we welcome Lise Bourbeau , personal development coach and author of the best seller “ The 5 wounds that prevent you from being yourself ”.

In this episode, we talk about listening to the body and awareness of being, how to listen to the messages from your body, how to become aware of the causes of our blockages. Lise Bourbeau also offers you different exercises to become aware of your fears. Are you ready to get better?

Of Quebec origin, Lise first discovered personal development through the field of sales. Subsequently, with the goal of losing weight, she begins to observe everything she eats and thus discovers that she is absolutely not listening to her body. She then carried out a lot of research on the subject, left her job in sales and invested herself fully in this area of ​​personal development. She began by creating a center “Listen to Your Body”, her workshops were given in 28 countries, in 11 languages, she then launched her publishing house, which bears the same name “ETC” and published numerous works, notably “Les 5 wounds that prevent you from being yourself”, “Stop control” or even “The power of acceptance”.

Lise has worked for 38 years with people who want to improve their quality of life.

When we were younger, our parents told us what to do and what not to do, but did not teach us to feel what we felt. Lise Bourbeau's objective is precisely to help us with practical, everyday means to become more conscious. It does not have a particular method but offers many tools which are part of the teaching of Listen to Your Body.

“The basis is to remember that our physical body is a reflection of the emotional and mental body.”

Becoming conscious is above all realizing things that we had not seen before, because of our beliefs. According to psychological research, humans are only 10% aware of what is happening inside them. But as Lise says, “Life is good because if we saw everything at once, we wouldn't be able to manage everything.”

But then, how can we listen to ourselves more?

When we have physical discomfort, it is actually our body that draws our attention to an emotional and mental problem.

Lise's method is to ask ourselves questions to become aware, to know what the fears are and what is really stopping us.

The first question to ask yourself is: “What is this physical discomfort preventing me from doing in my life?” Because discomfort always leads back to a need.

Example 1

Discomfort : My headache prevents me from concentrating

Need : I need to work

Every time we feel uneasy it is because there is a fear which is developed by a belief of the ego. The ego prevents us from listening to our needs, it is mental and puts the brakes on us. Once the ego feels that we are managing the situation, it fades away and that's when we regain control of our life, and we move towards what we want. Really.

Example 2

Fear : “If I do my job well, I'm afraid that more will be asked of me at the company.”

Answer : “Okay I have this fear. If they ask too much of me, will I be able to handle it?”

We often think that it is something physical that is stopping us. In reality, there are other things beyond that, which most of the time happens to be the ego.

Example 3

When we want to clarify things with a person (in our relationship, with a friend, a work colleague at the office, etc.) and we say to ourselves “No, this is not the right time.” It is the ego that interferes, because it is based on our memory, either we have already experienced it or we have seen someone experience it. And therefore, for ourselves, to make an adjustment means to be rejected. We end up thinking that it's never the right time to make an update. And as a result, we no longer direct our lives, it is the beliefs that direct our lives.

By repeating the exercise, asking questions, it becomes easier and easier to find the answers and to be aware of what is happening inside us.

If you liked this episode, find Lise Bourbeau's advice on her website , but also in all her books which have become bestsellers.

Very good listening and see you next week for a new episode of Club Bonheur!

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