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BIEN-ETRE Holistic beauty: why take care of your skin?

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The concept of holistic beauty is nourish your skin through the intestines with a healthy diet, with a maximum of whole and organic foods, sufficient hydration, regular activity through a little exercise, rest and optimal stress management as well as a mode of responsible and sustainable living, which respects nature and oneself in order to cultivate total fulfillment! It is not enough just to be beautiful but above all to feel good in our head, our spirit and our life to be in harmony with ourselves and the world around us.

Discover in this article the major functions of the skin, its role as interface between our inner mysteries and the world around us and tips for taking care of your skin.


1. She is our protective shield

The skin is the largest organ in the human body : with a surface area of ​​approximately 2m2, it represents 15% of our body weight and is made up of 70% water. It is also an organ in perpetual evolution and dynamics which is made up of three main layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis.

The epidermis is the outermost layer. It protects us against toxins, bacteria and fluid loss. In addition, keratin, which constitutes the stratum corneum, is a very resistant fibrous protein which protects us from external aggressions. On the immune level, the skin flora (the bacteria and micro-organisms present on the surface of our skin ) favored by an acidic pH will oppose infection by pathogenic germs.

The skin is therefore essential for our overall health and well-being because healthy skin acts as a barrier between the outside world and the inside of our body.

2. It regulates our body temperature

When the temperature drops, shivers appear, these are muscles hidden under the hairs which contract and allow us to warm up. These muscle contractions are triggered in the brain by the hypothalamus (the control center for our internal temperature).

Conversely, if the body is overheated, the evacuation of sweat will help cool it just as the dilation of the cutaneous microcirculation vessels will help eliminate the heat. All body extremities become vascularized to externalize heat. Excess heat generated in the body is carried by blood flow to the skin and there it is dispersed into the environment by radiation.

If you want to cool down, it is better not to wipe off your perspiration, because it is the evaporation of sweat that allows heat to escape. For example, one liter of sweat is equivalent to around 600 kcal of lost energy.

3. She is a very valuable messenger

Its numerous nerve endings allow the perception of different sensations such as pain, touch, heat, etc. It is also one of our 5 senses of perception and sensitivity . Certain zones are also reflex zones, by acting with pressure on a specific energetic or innervated point we will directly awaken the energy pathway of a particular organ. This principle is fundamental to explain the benefit of the main reflexology methods (ear, plantar, etc.) and acupuncture. In fact, reflexology will activate the process of self-healing and rebalancing of the body and therefore of the skin. This method will also drain toxins present in the body and relieve certain pain. On the other hand, acupuncture will help restart circulation, thus promoting the proper functioning of the organs and also rebalancing one's emotions and mind.

4. It helps us eliminate excesses

  • Cleanse your skin morning and evening.
  • Adopt care adapted to your skin type (creams, lotions, cleansers) using products with formulas based on copper with sebum-regulating properties, zinc for the antibacterial aspect and salicylic acid for the skin keratolytic effect new.
  • Do a mask and a small facial massage once a week to purify, cleanse and firm the epidermis.
  • Give your skin a break a week for one day, without makeup or day cream. This will help your skin to self-regulate and regenerate.

But if it eliminates waste, it also has a great capacity for absorption of lipid substances through the skin pores since the cell membranes are formed of essential fatty acids.

5. It helps us synthesize vitamin D

Part of vitamin D is synthesized naturally by the body under the action of UV rays from the sun on the skin . UV-B rays enable the production of vitamin D in the skin through special active processes. This is then transported throughout the body through the bloodstream. Vitamin D is also essential for health and also skin protection because it is effective against a whole range of skin diseases.

The remaining vitamin D is found in food and fatty fish. It is never good to suffer from a vitamin D deficiency, but vitamin D deficiency, which affects a large part of the population, could weaken your immunity and expose you to metabolic imbalances. It is recommended to have a vitamin D level in the blood of 75 nmol/L (30 ng/mL) but beware of excesses, vitamin D accumulates in the body and its excess is toxic so you must think about check your level with a blood test.

Tips for taking care of your skin naturally

There are different ways to take care of your skin and moisturize it naturally. It is also important to adopt healthy reflexes for your skin. First, drink lots of water ! In fact, 30% of our vital water reserves are found in the skin, so it is advisable to consume at least 1.5 L per day and 1.7 when you play sports. For people who have difficulty drinking water, simply transform it with water infused with lemon, mint or fruit, teas, herbal teas, etc.

Our diet also plays a big role in the natural hydration of the skin. It is therefore advisable to add to our plate daily: fruits, vegetables as well as foods rich in antioxidants (that is to say extremely rich in varied and colorful plants), particularly appreciated by the skin.

A clean air cure! Head to the countryside or the seaside to enjoy a less polluted environment. In fact, the oxygen and ions present in the mountain or seaside air penetrate through the skin and allow a better exchange between the cells which will regenerate the epidermis more quickly. Our skin will therefore be hydrated, strengthened and less dull.

When it comes to cosmetics and treatments , it is important to choose them according to our skin type. To do this, do not hesitate to consult a skin specialist who will advise you on suitable products. Furthermore, it is necessary to hydrate your skin well and protect it from the sun. Products and treatments with a clean and natural composition are preferred. In addition, aloe vera and vegetable oils are pure products that are very popular for creating home-made treatments.

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