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BIEN-ETRE Boost your digestion with physical exercise


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Do you often suffer from poor digestion such as bloating, flatulence, cramps or constipation? Have you wondered what can really help relieve your abdominal pain? Often, we do not make the link between our lifestyle and our digestive disorders. However, like diet, the effort made during sport can be a solution to reduce your pain or feelings of discomfort, for two main reasons. Also discover all our tips and habits to put in place:

It improves intestinal motility

A healthy digestive system is capable of moving the food we ingest at an optimal speed, gently enough so that we can absorb as many nutrients as possible, but quickly enough to avoid constipation and its consequences (diarrhea, vomiting, etc.).

However, the phenomenon of constipation is increasingly common and experts point the finger at our sedentary lifestyles. Because exercise, because it stimulates breathing and heart rate, promotes natural contractions of the intestinal muscles, which in turn increases the speed of circulation of the food bolus in our intestines. This does not stagnate in the digestive tract, the volume of water absorbed by our body is limited, as is the hardening of the stools which can then be evacuated without difficulty, which avoids many digestive discomforts.

It contributes to the balance of the microbiota

The intestines, and the colon in particular, are colonized by thousands of small bacteria which, when in balance (more good bacteria than bad), have a multitude of benefits, ranging from digestive comfort to stimulation of the system. immune or even maintaining emotional and nervous balance.

Scientific studies show that regular physical exercise, combined with a balanced diet, contributes to the growth of beneficial bacteria that produce a fatty acid called butyrate. The function of butyrate is to participate in the repair of the intestinal walls and therefore in strengthening the immune system and controlling the inflammatory processes responsible for diseases such as irritable bowel, colitis or even Crohn's disease.

In practice ?

  • It is therefore advisable to be careful to wait at least 1 hour after a meal before doing intense physical activity. Indeed, the consumption of food increases the blood flow in the stomach and intestines and if you do sport at this time, this blood flow will be redirected towards the heart and the muscles and will be the cause of poor digestion. . On the other hand, good hydration is essential to start a workout.
  • Favor aerobic (cardio) activities such as brisk walking, running (for runners), swimming or dancing. Yoga, and particularly twisting poses, can also be extremely beneficial.

So don't wait any longer to put on your sneakers! Your intestines will thank you.


Andréa Denolle