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BIEN-ETRE How to feed your brain?


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Cognitive performance allows us to acquire knowledge. They involve the performance of memory, reasoning, language and even decision-making. Angélique shows us in this article what are the natural ways that can help us support our brain.

Food, an essential element for the proper functioning of the brain

To function at maximum capacity, the brain needs a varied diet. It needs more than 40 different nutrients, at least 13 vitamins and more than 15 minerals plus fatty acids and amino acids. The brain is the organ that consumes the most energy in the human body, in fact it alone uses more than 20% of the energy from food and 20% of the oxygen breathed while it only represents 2 % of our total weight.

Iron, essential element for good blood oxygenation

As we saw previously, the brain is a very large consumer of oxygen necessary for its proper functioning. To get from the lungs to the brain, oxygen is moved by red blood cells present in the blood. Having a fairly large number of red blood cells is therefore necessary, as well as a diet high in easily assimilated iron such as red meat or molluscs. Vegetarians should pay attention to their blood iron levels by consuming foods such as dried beans, lentils or even tofu.

Zinc is also another element promoting good oxidation in the brain. It is present in many components such as oysters and cheese.

Slow sugars, fuel for our brain

Sugar for our brain is like fuel for a car, it's essential to move forward. In order to guarantee our brain sufficient energy for its functioning throughout the day, it must be present in sufficient quantity on a constant basis. To do this, we must favor carbohydrates, slow sugars, present in starchy foods, cereals, etc. Eating whole-wheat toast in the morning is, for example, a very good habit to adopt in order to be at maximum intellectual capacity throughout. of the morning.

Vitamins, an essential element for good brain energy and good memory

A large number of vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of the brain, they are mainly present in fruits and vegetables.

- B group vitamins : Vitamins B9, B12 and B6 are necessary for good brain energy . They are found in wheat germ, whole grains, etc. Vitamin B1 also plays a role in concentration .

- Vitamin C : this is the most popular. It is found in fresh and raw fruits or vegetables. It improves your energy and potentially your mood. It helps with the assimilation of iron which carries oxygen to your brain cells.

- Vitamin D : good for brain health . It fertilizes memory as well as your problem-solving skills. It is found in fatty fish such as sardines, salmon and milk.

- Vitamin K : it helps improve your learning and memory functions. It is present in broccoli, Brussels sprouts and green vegetables.

Fatty acids, effective against depression and brain degeneration

The brain is made up of billions of cells, composed mainly of fatty substances. According to the theory of evolution, it is thanks to these components that we have succeeded in developing an intelligence different from that of animals. Eating good fat is therefore necessary to improve cognitive performance. But it is also proven that the good fat, omega 3, helps reduce depressive tendencies and helps prevent Alzheimer's. But what is good fat? The good fat is found in two different types of omega-3: EPA and DHA. These elements will supply the membranes of brain cells, and thus improve the connections between neurons. They are called saturated fatty acids. This good fat mainly comes from fatty fish like salmon or tuna. Note that omega-3s are also present in certain meats and dairy products. The vast majority of food supplements that you find on the market will use this type of fatty acid to improve your concentration and attention skills.

Antioxidants, an essential element for cleaning the brain

The consumption of carbohydrates by the brain creates oxidative stress. To be cleansed, the brain needs antioxidants, which can be found in red fruits such as blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. But they can also be found in certain vegetables such as broccoli, spinach or peppers.

Minerals, an essential role in the proper functioning of the brain

Finally, it is very important not to neglect the importance of water on a daily basis. Natural water helps hydrate your entire body and prevent declines in physical and mental performance. Indeed, drinking a lot of water is important to maintain maximum brain activity because it is constantly bathed in cerebrospinal fluid, which is 85% water. It is this liquid which provides our brain with the energy necessary to function but also which cleans the waste generated by the activity of neurons.

Finally, to know the influence of vitamins on our cognitive performance, we must first determine the right vitamins .

Minerals , plants and other food supplements also have a positive influence on our brain.

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