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NUTRITION Nutritional Tips to Boost Your Memory

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Simple daily memory loss is not a problem only reserved for older people. They can also affect the youngest and also happens in childhood. Faced with the many distractions that characterize our everyday lives, it is often difficult to concentrate and remember certain details. Angélique gives us the keys to make the task easier and promote memorization and improve attention.

What foods to stimulate memory?

By integrating these 5 foods into your daily diet or before important exams, it is the best way to ensure that no detail escapes you and get your neurons working.

- Starchy foods : these are not just any starchy foods, but rather starchy foods with a low glycemic index. These have the ability to maintain sugar in the blood that your brain will subsequently use. You can count on beans, hummus, chickpeas or even brown rice to improve your ability to memorize information.

- Oilseeds : nuts and dried fruits. Rich in omega-3, vitamins and minerals, oilseeds will help you keep your neurons at peak performance. These are foods that will improve your cognitive abilities very effectively if consumed regularly.

- Fresh fruits and vegetables : natural , fruits and vegetables are foods that facilitate concentration and increase memory capacity. These can be tomatoes, oranges, etc. Remember that colorful fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants reduce cognitive decline. So favor blackberries and raspberries for example. These fruits and vegetables must be purchased without GMOs so that they are effective against stress, fatigue and effectively prevent cognitive overload;

- Oily fish : they are excellent for improving memory . These fish include mackerel, salmon, sardines, tuna and even shrimp. They are also rich in omega 3 . It works effectively to protect your nerve fibers.

- Vegetable oils : these are not technically foods, but their consumption is crucial. Prefer those from organic farming. The main components of linseed oil, rapeseed oil or olive oil are fats useful for memory and concentration . To be consumed raw and organic, extracted by first cold pressing.

How to naturally stimulate memory?

Food is not the only nutrient that supports concentration and memory as well as cognitive performance. Capsules made from fish oil are very popular for their positive influence on memory . Food supplements are an effective alternative to food but must be followed by a good diet . We also suggest drinking enough water daily. Try not to replace water with overly sugary drinks which are often much less effective and harmful to your health .

What are the vitamins for memory?

B vitamins and more precisely vitamins B1, B6, B9, B12 have a primary function in memory, in fact, they are used in the manufacture of a molecule which is a neurotransmitter: acetylcholine . It is essential for learning functions.

Iron is also essential for promoting intellectual performance since it has the role of transporting oxygen to red blood cells in the brain. You can find iron in red meat and green vegetables for example, this will allow you to have a good source of iron.

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