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BIEN-ETRE Start summer by taking care of your health

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Between coronavirus and confinement where Schocobons and alcohol during Skype aperitifs have abused us, it is time to take control of ourselves and take care of our health for a summer with complete peace of mind. How to take care of yourself easily? How to take care of your physical health and your mental health? Here are some health tips to implement on a daily basis to keep illnesses away for the long term.

8 healthy tips for spending your vacation in top form.

The difficult period and the problems are over, the holidays are above all a time of rest for us and for our body. So let's follow the advice of experts around the world to take care of our health. Let's play the prevention card, we don't need to follow a specific treatment, psychiatry or overrated coaching, simply to follow a healthy lifestyle.

  • Limit processed products.

There is no longer any need to prove, the data is unanimous: diet plays a major role in our health and disease prevention. Maintain good confinement habits and continue cooking. Be creative, innovate, create, dare to be original. Add color and life to your plates to boost your immune system. Remember, eating starts with the eyes first. Treat yourself and do yourself some good. Take inspiration from world cuisines thanks to digital technology and bring happiness to your dishes.

  • Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Fill up on life and vitamins with vegetables, fruits, fresh or dried, and whole grains. Your body needs it and so does your immune system. Summer is the season for all the craziness! Their fibers reduce blood sugar levels and improve intestinal transit. End of diabetes, chronic pain, flat stomach and well-being guaranteed! You no longer even need to travel, have good fresh produce and baskets of seasonal fruit and vegetables delivered directly to your address to save time and always have some on hand.

  • Don't overuse barbecues.

After confinement, it’s just happiness! Long live barbecues with friends or family to get together and enjoy a moment outdoors. Unfortunately this cooking method poses many problems. We now know that barbecued foods give rise to carcinogenic compounds. Instead, opt for lean meat (for non-vegetarians) and remember to remove the scorched or burnt parts of your food. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits to eliminate these toxic compounds.

  • Opt for antioxidant foods.

Red fruits, nuts, hazelnuts, spirulina, acai berries, goji berries, chia grain, quinoa... all these foods are rich in antioxidants and can be consumed as desired. They are the best treatments to protect our cells and tissues from external attacks responsible for the aging of the body. You don't need a vitamin complex, stock up on the plate with vitamins and keep diseases away.

  • Take the sun.

The sun is good for health and our happiness. It contributes to our general well-being. The sun gives us a concentrate of vitamin D, regulates the transformation of the happiness hormone, improves tissue oxygenation, puts an end to certain skin diseases such as eczema and above all boosts our immune system. Results: we find our “peach”, a pretty complexion and we are less vulnerable to infections, microbes and inflammations.

  • Hydrate yourself.

Hydrate yourself with water and also juices (prefer vegetables rather than sweeter fruits), smoothies, coconut water, aloe-vera juice, iced tea... You have the embarrassment of choice to refresh you while hydrating you. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. If you expose yourself to the sun or play sports, remember to increase the dose.

  • Achieve 10,000 steps per day.

In recent months, our number of steps per day has plummeted. It's time to raise our average, taking advantage of the sun and the beautiful days. Walking 45 minutes to 1 hour a day provides us with many benefits. Walking oxygenates the brain, improves blood circulation, strengthens the heart, tones the respiratory system, accelerates the elimination of toxins, promotes digestion and releases endorphins putting us in a good mood and fighting against stress and stress. 'anxiety. In short, a great physical activity to adopt with your loved ones and for all ages. Walking is therefore excellent for taking care of both our physical health and our mental health. Many blogs and websites are full of content, information and practical sheets for getting started on foot and with the added bonus of ideas for walks to do near you. Find out!

  • Don't forget to rest.

In the summer, and especially after confinement, we only want one thing: to do 10,000 things. Remember to listen to yourself. Listening to yourself well is the key to good health. Maintain a good sleep schedule. And, even during the day, find time to rest for yourself. Take a moment to take a break from your life. Open the windows, get some fresh air, listen to the noise from the street, take a mindful herbal tea while looking at the sky. Reconnect with your emotions. The links between your physical health and your well-being are no longer to be proven. The mind needs to be at rest even if it is only for a few seconds during the day. Experts from around the world will tell you, rest is the key to keeping illnesses at bay and ensuring your happiness.

Have a wonderful summer in all kindness!