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BIEN-ETRE Spring detox with hydrosols


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Doing a spring detox allows you to restart all the body's systems: the immune, digestive, respiratory, urinary, circulatory and sleep systems. In addition, spring is the ideal season for draining the body and relieving the excesses of winter. The detox treatment is therefore a way of rebooting your body, an invitation to clean up. The detoxification cure comes from traditional medicine and is, today, recommended by naturopaths to replenish your vitality.

Multiple detox methods exist: from aromatherapy to herbal medicine or juice cures or fasts, the choice is vast and allows everyone to find the solution suited to their needs. Let's focus on a gentler technique, but just as beneficial for your body: hydrolatherapy .

Mainly composed of water, hydrosols also contain all the volatile water-soluble compounds of plants as well as a tiny part of essential oil for some. This composition makes it possible to give the hydrosols numerous properties.

Hydrosols or floral water is the water from which essential oils are distilled (they are also called magic waters). They contain 2 to 5% active molecules which give them undeniable long-term effectiveness with few side effects and contraindications. They therefore allow for gentle drainage of the different emunctories without exhausting your body and your intestinal flora . While being gentler than essential oils and vegetable oils, floral waters nevertheless contain real active ingredients and thus have purifying, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and antiseptic benefits! Floral waters also have a neutral PH and are isotonic , meaning that they are very well tolerated by the skin and do not dry out unlike thermal water for example.

The hydrosol cure

It simply involves consuming them orally at a rate of one to 2 tablespoons per day (2 or 4 teaspoons). You can take them in a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach or even dilute them in a liter of water to drink throughout the day or even take them inhaled. They can absolutely combine with each other to potentiate their effects. The duration of the treatment varies, depending on your needs, from 5 days to a minimum of 3 weeks. For the effectiveness of your detox to be optimal, consider combining it with a light, plant-based diet (healthy, unprocessed foods), sufficient hydration, a little physical activity as well as rest and relaxation. Avoid as much as possible clogging products such as dairy products, meat, coffee, alcohol, fast sugars, ultra-processed foods, tobacco, etc.

It is possible to see some side effects appear during the first days such as the formation of pimples, excessive or smelly sweating, itching, digestive disorders or more frequent urges to go to the toilet. They are a sign of the work carried out by your emunctories, so it is a normal phenomenon. If your symptoms persist or become more severe, do not hesitate to stop the treatment.

The use of hydrosols is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding (to avoid excessive circulation of toxins which is harmful to the baby) and not recommended for children and in states of very low vitality (the cure would not be at all beneficial for your body that it would pass even more).

The 5 hydrosols to favor

  • Greenland Ledon hydrosol : promotes gentle regeneration, healing and purification of liver cells. It is particularly indicated in a context of stress because it has a soothing action on the nervous system. Mild diuretic, it stimulates renal elimination. By acting on many digestive organs, Greenland Ledon will also stimulate and facilitate digestion. It notably has carminative and stomachic actions, allowing it to fight against digestive disorders, bloating and flatulence among others.
  • Lovage hydrosol : draining and general detoxifying of the emunctories (major action on the liver, kidneys and skin). It helps eliminate chemical toxins, drug residues and heavy metals.
  • Rosemary hydrosol with verbenone : hepato-biliary stimulant as well as general detoxifier and gentle depurative, it helps eliminate excessively rich or processed foods. Indeed, rosemary is a digestive tonic which cleanses the liver and gallbladder, stimulates bile secretion and blood circulation.
  • Wild carrot hydrosol : regenerating liver cells and gently depurating the liver and kidneys. This hydrosol cleanses and stimulates the liver, gallbladder and kidneys. It is used as a treatment to rid the body of toxins. For oral use, dilute 1 to 2 tablespoons of hydrosol in 1 L of water to drink during the day, for 40 days.
  • Common juniper hydrosol : Juniper hydrosol is obtained by distillation of the branches and berries of the Juniper tree. It will have a powerful cleansing action on the body, useful in cases of rheumatic pain, various skin problems, or in cases of water retention. This hydrosol stimulates and cleanses the kidneys. It helps the body to eliminate toxins, and therefore acts against rheumatic, dermal or renal conditions. It is a good cleanser and detoxifier.

Lavender hydrosol is also highly recommended. It is soothing, both mentally and on the skin. It can thus soothe adults and children alike. Very appreciated, in case of bites, sunburn or acne, this hydrosol has many virtues!

Choose your hydrosols with the AB label and for food use. Ask the producer about harvesting and extraction conditions as these are very fragile and easily altered products. After opening, they must be kept cool and consumed within four months maximum.

Paul-Etienne Jacob

CEO, Epycure