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BIEN-ETRE Winter detox: the power of herbal teas

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Plants have powerful calming, detoxifying and invigorating properties. They have been used since ancient times, as a herbal tea or infusion, as part of herbal medicine, as a natural remedy and in traditional medicine, to relieve all kinds of ailments. Their benefits have never ceased to prove their worth. Infused for a few minutes in a large cup of hot water, the plant releases its active ingredients and stimulates our elimination organs. After the holiday season, it is strongly recommended to take a herbal tea treatment to assist the body in its natural cleansing work and regain vitality.

To calm digestive disorders, but also stress and fatigue, use herbal medicine: one or two cups per day of your favorite drink, for a successful detox!

Milk thistle, black radish and dandelion herbal tea to support the liver

The liver is the detoxification organ par excellence. It is responsible for filtering toxins contained in the blood and neutralizing them, with a view to their elimination through the intestines or urine. These plants , due to their richness in minerals and active ingredients, can act in several ways:

  • By increasing the secretion of bile, which helps to better digest and assimilate fats, and has the role of “intestinal broom” which prevents the stagnation of waste.
  • By helping to regenerate liver cells or reduce inflammation of liver tissue

Licorice, hibiscus or slippery elm tea, to cleanse the intestines

Once the digestive process is complete, our intestine must eliminate food residues. If our transit does not function properly, these residues and toxins risk stagnating in the digestive tract. This can lead to a phenomenon of putrefaction or excessive fermentation, which often results in a lack of vitality , spots or even digestive discomfort.

These plants will help you:

  • Relieve your irritated intestinal walls
  • Reduce inflammation of the digestive tract
  • Regulate your transit to facilitate good elimination

Linden sapwood herbal tea, to stimulate the kidneys

The kidneys filter and dilute toxic substances present in the blood, then excrete them through urine. Linden sapwood will help you stimulate kidney function (it is a diuretic) and will facilitate the elimination of certain wastes such as uric acid, responsible for joint inflammation, which often appears after periods of excess. It also helps reduce water retention.

Here are also other plants and their benefits: the decoction with thyme leaves has important antiseptic properties, and is recommended for respiratory problems, as well as urinary infections. Chamomile has benefits for anxiety, digestive disorders and menstrual pain. Verbena herbal tea is recommended for its relaxing properties, as well as to calm premenstrual pain. Rooibos infusion, nicknamed red tea, helps fight allergies, sleep disorders, eczema and even gastrointestinal disorders.

As a herbal tea or infusion, it is possible to prepare a delicious drink without theine, by infusing the plants individually or mixing them to combine their benefits. To avoid pesticides, always choose herbal teas of controlled origin, from organic farming, and preferably French, available in bulk from an herbalist, in an organic store, or in the form of ready-made mixtures in bags. .

And you ? What is your favorite detox plant?