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NUTRITION Top 5 foods for beautiful skin and strong hair

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Daily obligations can be stressful. This can lead to moral and physical fatigue . The condition of your skin , nails and hair may then be affected. Angélique presents some natural remedies that work little miracles!


1. Lean meat

To restore beauty and vitality to the skin , our body needs hyaluronic acid. This substance, although already present in our body , can be produced in sufficient quantity if a good diet is observed. Hyaluronic acid is known to effectively remove wrinkles. It also hydrates the skin adequately to make it softer to the touch. The first food containing hyaluronic acid is lean meat such as turkey, duck or lamb.

2. Gelatin

The second food that is of great help in maintaining the skin is gelatin. Indeed, gelatin contains hyaluronic acid but it is also low in calories. By opting for a daily consumption of a small portion of gelatin, this effectively contributes to the maintenance and hydration of skin tissues.

3. Blueberries

Nails are also affected by this scenario. Eating a certain food can help you have better nails. As surprising as it may seem, it is blueberries. We note the presence of many antioxidants inside blueberries. Once consumed, the antioxidants will be released and help protect nail cells. This ensures that your nails are naturally protected against free radicals.

4. Fish

Proteins, vitamins and amino acids play an essential role in the natural maintenance of hair by our body . This is why fish is one of the foods to favor for having beautiful hair. Fish contains methionine, an amino acid that has a positive impact on keratin. It is best to choose white fish because they are rich in protein and low in fat.

5. Egg yolks

The following food is widely used in scalp maintenance. It's about eggs. Eggs are found in the composition of many shampoos, their use goes back to grandmother's old tricks which help to beautify her hair.

Eggs contain vitamin A which is an essential element for the natural regeneration of keratin cells. Whether cooked or fried, eggs will make their proteins available to your body so they can improve the condition of your hair.

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