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NUTRITION Mindful eating for parties without excess

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At Christmas, we like to treat ourselves, we like to forget our food principles and rediscover traditional recipes which take us back to childhood and which make the holidays such a special moment of exchange and sharing. However, the euphoria linked to family reunions means that we do not always pay attention to what we eat, nor to the effect of all this food on our body. What if this year we took the time to reconcile the mind and the taste buds? This is called mindful eating, or conscious eating without guilt , and it consists of making people aware of gestures and an eating habit that we usually carry out automatically. Here are some tips for implementing this practice:

Avoid snacking between meals

Snacking is often done automatically and unconsciously, it calms the feelings of agitation or stress that can arise during the holiday season. Listen to the negative emotions or thoughts that push you to wolf down foods like a piece of cheese or a square of chocolate, and observe them, accept them rather than silence them.

Mobilize all your senses

At the table, start by taking a deep breath , observe what you want, the colors, the shapes and determine your true hunger. Once your plate is full, pay attention to the texture, flavors and smells. Sight, smell and touch are extremely important since they cause the secretion of enzymes essential for a correct digestion process.

Take time

Sometimes the “fear of missing out” encourages us to binge on food in an uncontrolled way. However, this situation prevents us from eating calmly, prevents us from better feeling the sensations of hunger and satiation. Because if you eat in less than 20 minutes the satiety signal will not be activated and you will eat below your needs. So chew each of your mouthfuls conscientiously, put down your fork regularly and take your time!

Enjoy what you eat

Note the texture of the food. Note the tastes. Feel the awakening of your taste buds and use their function. Notice the pleasant sensations that take over your body and the emotions that this food you love triggers. Enjoy good foods and their benefits. The more you use thought when choosing your foods, the more you will feel a feeling of satiety and gratitude.

Listen to your body sensations

In some people, in the days following a festive meal, their body can send valuable signals at different intensity. Disturbed digestion , less clear skin , unusual fatigue or lack of appetite. Learn to listen to your body and give it what it asks for. In general, when we have eaten fatter and sweeter foods, we crave fresh fruits and vegetables more: listen to your body and your brain! Adopt intuitive eating!

You will see, with a little training, you will enjoy each of your meals more and you will know how to regulate your impulses and accept your intuitions. And as a bonus: you will finish your meals much more quickly satisfied, extremely soothed and with a deep feeling of satiety. On the program: nothing but good!


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