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BIEN-ETRE Essential oils to boost your immunity

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The daily immune system can become tired and weak in the face of viruses present in the environment. Fortunately, there are natural techniques to support immunity to keep fit. Find out here how to optimize the functioning of your immune system through natural treatments such as herbal medicine or the use of essential oils.

1. Some essential oils to support the immune system

There are a multitude of liquids concentrated in plant substances that are used in aromatherapy with the aim of boosting the immune system. A very effective example is tea tree essential oil. Its stimulating properties make this oil an excellent ally for the immune system by allowing it to react effectively against potential surrounding viruses. Whether you use it for prevention or to correct a fault, the result is always astonishing.

If you are looking for an effective solution to prevent the ailments of the winter season, niaouli essential oil will be a perfect choice. It is essentially composed of two aromatic molecules highly appreciated for their ability to ensure the proper functioning of the immune system . Both purifying, fortifying and energizing, this oil guarantees infallible protection against declines in the body 's form.

The other natural product very famous in aromatherapy is ravintsara essential oil. It is made up of molecules capable of acting positively on immunity in order to help fight against external attacks caused by the cold.

2. Plants to support the immune system

If you prefer herbal medicine to aromatherapy, know that there are many plants that can help boost your immunity .

Among them, Panax ginseng is a reference. It is indeed a miracle plant that can act on both immune functions and physiological functions. Due to its toning properties, this plant is commonly used to combat asthenia which is a general state of fatigue . It promotes well-being and guarantees the strengthening of physical capacities. Its properties are recognized by the WHO and the European Commission.

Another herb beneficial for your immune system is thyme. An antifungal, an anti-bacterial and an anti-microbial , this plant has many active ingredients to boost the body 's defense mechanism. It contains linalo, geraniol, tujanol and thymol which are molecules very appreciated for their positive effects on immunity . Note that thyme is also an excellent respiratory disinfectant and a powerful cough remedy.

There are many solutions to boost immunity . Apart from those presented here, there are other effective tips to ensure the proper functioning of your body through natural care. It is up to each individual to decide which method to use.

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These tips are intended to improve your well-being and in no case replace medical follow-up or a consultation with your naturopath. They are not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women or people with a pathology including all autoimmune disorders.