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BIEN-ETRE Optimize your health with naturopathy

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Everyone talks about naturopathy but no one really knows what it consists of: a quick overview to lift the veil.

You are aware of the need to take charge of your health : the problem is that you no longer know where to start.

Between the recommendations of health magazines, those who see poisons everywhere and those who assure us that excess sugar, fat and a little stress have never killed anyone... the path to "living healthily" becomes complicated and we We end up losing this innate ability to know what is good for us.

Rest assured, naturopathy helps us find the path to intuition and action!

Naturopathy, a global approach for optimal health.

Created by Hippocrates, naturopathy is the third traditional medicine in the world according to the WHO after Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

By acting directly on your terrain and relying on your vitality , naturopathy allows you to strengthen your body thanks to natural means, easy to implement and which will “pamper” both your body and your mind.

Here are the fundamental principles:

May the life force be with you.

We tend to forget that health is a person's normal condition. Most pathologies result from an accumulation of errors.

Lucky that we are, our body , depending on its vital force, has the capacity to regain its balance and therefore to heal by its own means. Thus, fever increases the temperature to kill pathogens, sweating and shivering regulate your body temperature, you produce insulin to maintain an acceptable blood sugar level, etc.

In naturopathy, we help the body regain its vitality by eliminating obstacles as much as possible.

Listen to your body.

And yes ! We stop the little arrangements between friends "I'm always a little smeared", "my stools are soft, that's just how it is", "we have allergies in the family" and we pay attention to the signals that our body sends.

Otherwise what ? Expect backlash.

In naturopathy we consider symptoms as messages allowing us to untangle the thread of the ball to go back to the root cause of the imbalance. So a common symptom – headaches – can have different origins depending on the person – stress , engorged liver, hormonal problem, etc.

The naturopath gives you the keys to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your body for a better understanding of yourself.

Become an enlightened actor in your health!

Because Sherlock is nothing without Watson, the naturopath needs you to carry out his investigation. For this it is necessary to take a tour of the owner together: what is your baggage (constitution), what kind of bath are you immersed in (personal and professional environment, climate, lifestyle), how are you feeling at the moment T (physically, emotionally and mentally)? So many valuable clues to provide you with adapted and individualized advice since you are unique!!

The naturopath supports you in harmoniously managing this new way of living. His ultimate goal? Make you AU-TO-NME and an informed actor in your health .

What are the areas of intervention of the naturopath?

Food : because we are what we eat.

Physical exercise: moving means eliminating toxins and toxins by activating our emunctories (the exit doors from our body )!

Relaxation: to empty your mental and emotional trash, remove the barriers and thus calm the storm.

Hydrology: because we are made of water: the use of hot water bottles, baths, alternating showers, sauna or hammam to recharge your batteries and relax.

Manual techniques: to reclaim your body image and release tension.

Plantar and ear reflexology: to regulate and soothe by stimulating reflex zones remotely.

Plants and essential oils: to strengthen the immune system and our terrain.

Food supplements: because sometimes you need a little help to get things going again!