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BIEN-ETRE Take advantage of summer to unwind

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Our modern society, focused on the cult of performance, subjects the population to an unprecedented level of stress. 9 out of 10 French people say they are stressed! Identified as the evil of the century in the 21st century, it can wreak havoc, often underestimated, both in professional and private life. Sleep problems, exhaustion, burn-out, lower self-esteem, irritability... are the many consequences. So to prevent this stress and constant pressure from impacting your vacation, we give you some keys to unwind and leave relaxed.

Stress, the evil of the century

Stress and anxiety are normal reactions of the body to the perception of danger which are accompanied by a secretion of hormones, cortisol and adrenaline . However, when manifestations of stress become recurrent or too intense, this is when they risk impacting our health. By concentrating all its energy in managing stress, the body pauses functions deemed non-vital . It results in symptoms such as digestive problems, sleep problems, skin problems, nervousness, irritability or attention problems. It also weakens the immune system and can therefore cause much more serious reactions.

Today, this stress affects at least 9 out of 10 French people . It may in particular come from his private life or his professional environment. Indeed, you should know that 55% of French people feel stress every week at work . In addition, the current coronavirus pandemic has considerably impacted the general level of stress , anxiety, depression and sleep disorders of the French. As a result, the mental health of the French presents itself as a major issue in this health crisis.

So after a year of confinement, curfews and declining morale, we must learn to release the pressure for a more serene daily life and iron health. The holidays are coming at just the right time. Holidays, a break for the body and mind , are an opportunity for you to recharge your batteries, provided of course that you know how to relieve stress. Yes, because unfortunately it is not enough to take two days off around a weekend to recover and decompress. Most health professionals often advise 2 weeks, knowing that the first week often allows you to get off work and the second is more suitable for enjoying and relaxing.

6 tips for disconnecting and decompressing

The body needs a break to recharge its batteries, recover, and get away from the stress accumulated throughout the year. Recovering means stocking up on energy , finding time and space for yourself , far from daily stress and tension. And for that, you have to know how to release the pressure. So here are 6 tips for taking care of your health, both physical and mental, during the holidays, whether you are at home or elsewhere.

Anticipate your departure on vacation to leave with peace of mind

The objective is to avoid thinking about your professional constraints during the holidays. You can only disconnect if you ensure that everything will be handled correctly in your absence. Otherwise you risk thinking about everything you're going to have to do when you get back. List the things to do and delegate in advance so you can then travel or enjoy your vacation with peace of mind. And above all, don't take anything on vacation that even remotely resembles work.


Schedule those activities that we like so much and that we never do

If you are more of a cultural visitor, look at the museums, castles and exhibitions that are around your vacation spot. If it's nature that allows you to recharge your batteries, choose a hike in the mountains, a walk on the beach or in the forest. If sport is your thing, take advantage of the holidays to discover a new sport or take up one that you had put aside a little because of work, such as tennis, horse riding, or even surfing. Finally, for those looking for activities that change the routine, treat yourself to a high adrenaline moment like a parachute jump, paragliding or even canyoning.


Live the present moment by doing a digital detox

Are you having trouble letting go? So start by leaving your computer and work phone at home so you don't check your emails during the holidays. You could also get into the habit of switching off from your personal phone to live in the moment and decompress. No longer checking your email or no longer going on social networks is ideal for thinking about something other than your daily life. Set yourself a challenge by forcing yourself to put your phone down in the morning and only pick it up again in the evening.


Stop overloading your days during the holidays

Still remember to keep moments of inactivity where you can rest, sleep and recover (sleeps and short beneficial naps included). Don’t put productivity into rest. Who says vacation says zero constraints. So, forget this annoying habit of filling your day with activities and take things as they come. The idea is to let go and rest to get your body back into shape. So be flexible, listen to yourself and leave room for chance and the unexpected!

Schedule a break of daily lightness

We all have activities that soothe us and do us good but that we don't usually do, that we put off or rush through due to lack of time. It's easier to take care of yourself when you have more free time, so you schedule a break of daily lightness to take care of yourself and your body. Manicure, reading, bath, nap, relaxation and breathing session, massage, pastry... Objective: to fill up with a good mood and feel completely relaxed at the end of this vacation.


Avoid losing your vacation profits in the blink of an eye

In our absence, the work has accumulated and on return we start again at a frantic pace. The physical and psychological benefits acquired during these two weeks of vacation then fade very quickly to give way to stress again. So to avoid wasting the benefits of your vacation, the solution is to delegate certain missions before your departure and to perfectly organize your return to prioritize your missions. Avoid at all costs endless days, without a lunch break, which end at 10 p.m.


Many go on vacation exhausted, thinking that they will be able to erase all the stored physical and mental fatigue. However, vacations are not always enough to release the pressure accumulated throughout the year. This is why it is essential to pay attention to what your body tells you and to implement good lifestyle habits to integrate into your daily life.

And finally, accept imperfection! We want to do so well that we don't realize we are engaging in toxic behavior towards ourselves that leads to anxiety and stress. “Friend, don’t be a perfectionist, because perfectionism is a curse that will wear you out.” Fritz Perls