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BIEN-ETRE Valerian, an ally for your sleep


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If sleeping at night is necessary, getting quality sleep is essential. Three out of four French people today suffer from a sleep disorder and 40% of adults experience difficulty sleeping on a daily basis. Angélique shows us the benefits of valerian to help you enjoy better sleep .

1. What you need to know about valerian

Highly appreciated for its many virtues, valerian is a plant that works miracles. Called “the herb that cures all” thanks to its anxiolytic properties, it constitutes a natural treatment against dysfunctions of the nervous system. It has soothing properties which make it an ally for your sleep when you are stressed . This medicinal plant reduces anxiety and eliminates nervousness, thus promoting sleep.

Although valerian reduces the chances of insomnia , its effects are not immediate. Generally speaking, it takes around two weeks to see the first positive results. However, this plant does not cause any “bad awakening” sensation, something very often criticized for medications. Valerian is the perfect solution for quality sleep and a pleasant awakening.

2. How to use valerian?

Since Antiquity, its roots have been known for its soothing properties. In addition to reducing anxiety , this plant effectively corrects stress- related sleep disorders. We offer you some usage tips to benefit from the best of this plant .

Today there are different ways to use valerian. The choice depends on the results you want to obtain. You may choose to make an infusion of the fresh roots of this plant to relieve your anxiety . In this case, it is advisable to drink your herbal tea about an hour before going to bed. Depending on the level of stress , you can drink your herbal tea several times a day. However, be sure to prepare your infusion carefully to benefit from all the benefits of valerian.

If you are looking for a quicker solution, it would be best to opt for standardized extracts sold in liquid (essential oil) or dry versions. In this case, pharmacists recommend not exceeding 900 mg per day. By following the instructions, you will see the effects after 15 days maximum.

3. What are the benefits of valerian?

On sleep disorders

This is the main indication for valerian, whose sedative properties have long been recognized. It acts on the one hand by promoting falling asleep and on the other hand by improving the quality of sleep.
Some studies reveal the effectiveness of valerian on the overall quality of sleep, without producing side effects. Indeed, this plant is known to make it easier to fall asleep, but its effects are not immediate and appear after several doses.
The WHO (World Health Organization) considers it a “mild sedative capable of promoting sleep” particularly during light sleep phases.

Stress and nervous agitation

Scientific studies carried out on valerian confirm the benefits of the plant on stress and nervous agitation. Nervousness, anxiety, stress and even depression could therefore be improved under the effect of valerian. It is valerenic acid which, by inhibiting the transmission of information between certain neurons, is capable of reducing anxiety. The presence of flavonoids in the composition of the plant plays a big role, even if its active ingredients form a very effective combination. Clinical trials conclude that it is certainly effective for people who suffer from stress or allow themselves to be overcome by anxiety. In addition, the plant appears very effective for generalized anxiety disorders.

We know that valerian can help reduce stress by acting directly on the level of neurotransmitters (monoaminergic). It uses synergies of flavonoids and other antioxidants to produce a relaxing effect on the brain.

It is important to know that the anxiolytic properties of valerian are recognized by the European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy (ESCOP) and the World Health Organization (WHO). It is also recommended in herbal medicine to combat the effects of depression.

These tips are intended to improve your well-being and in no case replace medical follow-up or a consultation with your naturopath.

Valerian is a natural and very effective medicinal plant for enjoying restful sleep and you can find it in your sleep cure. However, it is not recommended to be taken by children under 12 years of age or by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Paul-Etienne Jacob

CEO, Epycure