Comment calmer les règles douloureuses naturellement ?

BIEN-ETRE How to calm painful periods naturally?


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Each month, the return of menstruation can be an ordeal for some, bringing with it its share of fears and apprehensions. If this is your case, you are not the only ones to suffer since it is estimated today that 79% of women suffer or have suffered from painful periods ( Ipsos & Theramex survey, April 2019 ), also called dysmenorrhea.

To find the root causes and resolve them, it is interesting to look at different factors such as hormonal imbalance, inflammation, nutritional deficiencies or overloads, mechanical blockages in the pelvic area, but also digestive disorders. or excess stress. Going through these different pillars is holistic in-depth work and rich in results, but for now we wanted to share with you our natural tips to instantly relieve your menstrual cramps and other discomforts.

The use of heat

In hydrology, a water treatment technique, we use cold water as well as hot water for their different benefits.
Hot water will be recommended here for its muscle-relaxing effect and will calm uterine spasms, these contractions aimed at eliminating the endometrium but which cause us the famous painful cramps in the lower abdomen, which can also radiate into the lower of the back, lumbar as well as into the legs for some women.
You can then equip yourself with a hot water bottle to warm the lower abdomen area , but also with hot baths or hot showers to relax the entire body.


During menstruation, the quantity of iron decreases following blood loss, but it is responsible for transporting oxygen into our cells and more particularly into our mitochondria which are the energy cells of our cells. This explains why we feel more tired during this period. Rest is then key so that the body can regenerate and the pain subsides.
You can take advantage of this time to take a few naps when you can, go to bed earlier but also stay calm by practicing activities such as relaxation , meditation , writing , an ideal way to ground yourself. in the moment, take stock of the past cycle and honor the energy of this phase of the cycle.

The gentle movement

Let's face it, when we suffer from painful periods, all we want to do is stay curled up in our bed. However, committing to a little gentle movement such as stretching or a little walking allows the blood and lymph to circulate properly , to give us a little energy , but also to secrete endorphins which will soothe the pain. It's all a question of feeling, listen to your abilities and your energy of the day to choose how to mobilize your body.

Belly breathing

Breathing is a completely intuitive and automatic act, which we practice all day long and which, however, when we pay particular attention to it, has many beneficial effects on the body , including regulating pain .
To do this, here is a very simple belly breathing exercise that you can practice during your period.

Sit comfortably, lying or sitting, close your eyes and place both palms of your hand on your lower abdomen.
Pay attention to your breathing, observe it and make a few completely natural inhalations and exhalations, without trying to change the rhythm or amplitude.
Then little by little, feel how your stomach inflates when you slowly inhale through your nose, and deflates when you still exhale through your nose. Feel the wave that runs through your body with each breath and soothes it.
You can practice this exercise as long and as often as you want, it is a good way to reconnect with the body to listen to it.


You now know that heat helps to relax spasms and soothe, so we are not going to deprive ourselves of hot drinks and infusions during our painful periods.
Plants recommended to soothe menstrual pain are, for example , raspberry leaves , Roman chamomile , and lemon balm .
For example, you can prepare a 1L thermos in the morning with 10g of each of these three dried plants and drink it throughout the day.
Before using any plant, always check its contraindications to ensure that it corresponds to your situation and state of health.

Stomach self-massage

Manual techniques are among the tools at hand in naturopathy so let's not deprive ourselves of them. In the specific case of painful periods, you will be able to massage your stomach and lower abdomen with very light pressure in a clockwise direction while breathing calmly and fully as seen previously.
In order to pool the effects of self-massage, it is interesting to use soothing and anti-spasmodic essential oils .

For example, here is a composition that you can use:

  • 1 tablespoon of warm castor oil
  • 6 drops of methylchavicol basil or tarragon essential oil
  • 2 drops of litsea or lemon eucalyptus essential oil
  • 2 drops of fine lavender essential oil

Always remember, before using an essential oil, to check its contraindications , then apply a drop to the crook of your elbow to ensure that you are not allergic to it and wait 30 minutes before wider application.

The Menstrual Comfort Cure

Menstrual comfort treatment Menstrual comfort treatment

You are now armed with a natural toolbox to soothe your ailments and experience your next menstrual phase as best as possible.
And you, what are your tips for menstrual pain?

Marion Pezard

Naturopathe et créatrice du podcast Healthy Living