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BIEN-ETRE Yoga: the benefits of inverted postures

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Inverted yoga postures are those that place the feet higher than the waist, the heart higher than the head. They are known to provide numerous physiological and mental benefits, and contrary to popular belief, they exist for all levels: downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana), candlelight (Sarvangasana) or its softer form with the supports of the wall, are also inversions! They can therefore be practiced safely by all yogis, beginners or experienced, to bring health and healing to the body and do good to your mind. Here are their main benefits:

1. Improved circulation

Let gravity do the work for you! When your body is inverted, blood flow to your brain is significantly increased. Thus, your cognitive and concentration abilities are greatly improved. An exercise that will improve your attention and concentration skills over several sessions.

2. Revitalization of the body

Inverted postures allow our blood to carry oxygen and nutrients that nourish the brain , which is both invigorating and revitalizing, and increases energy and mental stamina.

3. Promoting a state of relaxation

Shoulders and legs up the wall are more calming and cooling inversions. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated in these postures, which helps calm the body and mind and gives you a feeling of balance and peace like after a good meditation session.

4. Increased muscle strength and core strength

The shoulder, arm, and core muscles are all activated through inversion, increasing your strength in these key muscle groups. Inversions are a good way to balance those with a stronger lower body .

5. Gain patience

Like life, yoga is about the journey – the experience – not the destination. Each inversion attempt is a learning practice. When you get up and try again after a fall, you learn to be patient and kind to your body . So we practice breathing (inhaling and exhaling) and we start again. Step by step !

6. Greater perspective

To get a new perspective, you have to see things from a different angle. Inversions, and yoga in general, invite you to step out of your comfort zone and observe your conscious and unconscious habits and patterns. By literally turning around, you invite change and a new perspective into your consciousness. Find your perfect posture!

7. Building self-confidence

While it's nice when things come easily to you, accomplishing something that took practice and effort is much more rewarding. When some people work to achieve something, it builds their self-confidence so that they can overcome challenges in the future.

Inversions can therefore provide many benefits and it is in your best interest to integrate them into your yoga practice. But as always, it's important to honor your body and not want to go too fast ;)