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NUTRITION 3 reasons to switch to living foods

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The more raw and natural a food is, the better it is assimilated by the body . This is why we are constantly improving the quality of your personalized formulas in order to offer you the least processed ingredients and formulations possible. Our nutrition experts present to you here 3 virtues of living foods for our physical and mental health .

1. It is vitalizing for the body and mind

The principle is simple: we adopt a raw or cooked organic diet <41°C (above there is destruction of the enzymes necessary for digestion and life). The only transformation processes are carried out by natural germination processes (for seeds) and fermentation in order to benefit from all the bioavailability and the content of vitamins , minerals , trace elements and enzymes of these products.

2. It is rich in bioavailable nutrients

Industrialized, devitalized food does not provide the nutrients necessary for the functioning of our cells and the production of energy , which does not allow us to be at our maximum potential for energy production.

When you start a vegetable juice treatment , when you introduce some of these superfoods into your plates (sprouted seeds, young shoots, microalgae) you can quickly realize their effects on your energy .

3. She is playful

There are many blogs on the subject to help you gradually integrate some raw and living cooking recipes. Among the best known we find: Le chou brave , Croc' la vie . You will find ideas, recipes to create lively aperitifs, raw snacks etc.

The easiest to set up to get started is the homemade extraction of fruits (tomato for example) and vegetables (spinach for example) with your juice extractor. Choose a base of at least 80% vegetables because fruits risk raising blood sugar levels too quickly.

Growing your sprouted seeds using a germinator or an old colander can also be fun and nice to do at home.

And as a bonus: discover two living and green recipes to boost your immunity.

Although it is necessary to integrate vitalizing superfoods into your menus, be sure to maintain a well-balanced diet not based solely on the consumption of seeds and small sprouts. These tips are intended to improve your well-being and in no case replace medical follow-up or a consultation with your naturopath.

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