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NUTRITION 5 tips to get off sugar


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The end of year celebrations are often synonymous with excess and disruption to our lifestyle . Too much alcohol, too many refined grains and too much sugar. However, we know that sugar is addictive and the more we consume it, the more we need it, and we slowly begin to become addicted to sugar. In the long run, this can cause us a multitude of health problems such as reactive hypoglycemia, excess weight, emotional imbalances or even diabetes. So here are some tips for doing a sugar detox and starting the year by weaning off sugar:

Avoid ultra-processed products

Ingredients such as salt, sugar and fat are sometimes added to processed foods to make their flavor more appealing and to extend their shelf life. Adopting an ultra-processed diet can therefore push us to eat more sugar than the recommended amounts, because we consume them without being aware of the hidden or added ingredients and thus their composition.

Start the day with a breakfast rich in protein and fat

What you eat for breakfast influences your energy and appetite for the rest of the day. If you break your overnight fast with sugar and carbohydrates and do not consume proteins or fats or good fats, your blood sugar may become out of control (rise excessively at first, then drop sharply later) and you You'll be more likely to experience cravings, snacking, and energy crashes throughout the day or at other times. Fats and proteins help keep your blood sugar levels stable, so you don't crave sugar and it doesn't impact your emotions.

Have low-sugar snacks on hand

Prepare healthy, low-sugar snacks in advance, so you don't have to reach for a chocolate bar at the slightest craving and keep snacking. Here are some ideas: favor eating celery sticks with peanut butter, hard-boiled eggs, Greek yogurt or coconut yogurt with red fruits, homemade flour and almond butter cookies, smoked salmon on a chestnut toast with fresh cheese, olives, etc. We forget the candy and the plate full of sweet-tasting foods.

Learn to manage your stress

When we're stressed , our body craves comfort foods like sugar to get another hormone called serotonin, which is calming and relaxing. To avoid falling into addiction and to remain in control of our eating behavior, it is therefore essential to learn to detect and manage our emotions through practices such as meditation, yoga, hypnosis or sophrology.

Get enough sleep

Getting too little sleep directly impacts the regions of the brain that control decision-making and makes us more likely to crave fast food over healthier options. Fatigue can cause distress to our mind and will cause us to crave processed foods.

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