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EPYCURE Physical activity: advice from coach Maxime Krantz

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For this brand new interview, we had the pleasure of receiving Maxime Krantz .

Sports coach, Pilates, Yoga teacher and running coach, Maxime is also co-founder of @boomcampparis , a concept of traveling events combining physical and cultural activities, and recently launched an ebook called “ SNACK ”, bringing together a program of exercises to do every day, anywhere, without equipment and for all levels.

In this episode, Maxime tells us about his career, his different professional activities, his sports practice but also his vegan diet. He gives us a ton of advice to optimize our physical activity, find balance in our practice and recover as best as possible.

Today, most people are unable to practice sports on a daily basis, due to lack of time or motivation. In order to anchor this habit, Maxime advises us to start with a practice that we like. When a routine is established, this will then allow us to open up to other practices and to go there with pleasure and desire.

“One sport helps you practice another sport”

For Maxime, cardio is essential. Not only does it burn calories, but it is also very good for the heart. It is an excellent base which allows you to chain several exercises together.

Then come so-called gentler practices, such as yoga and pilates, which promote relaxation. To make the distinction clearly, there are different forms of yoga : vinyasa and bikram are, for example, dynamic yogas, ideal for letting off steam, relieving stress and gaining flexibility and lightness, while yin is calmer, softer. As for pilate , it is a method of strengthening the deep muscles, responsible for posture.

And finally, cross training , to do more specific work and use different muscle groups.

Special mention for the WOD (workout of the day), which Maxime told us about, and which is, by definition, the “workout of the day”. It corresponds to a series of varied bodybuilding exercises carried out at high intensity.

How to prevent pain?

It is essential to learn to listen to yourself, and above all not to force yourself when you are in pain. Don't put stress on yourself, allowing yourself to cancel a sports session allows you to recover better afterwards. When you return to physical activity, Maxime recommends starting with 2-3 sessions per week, no more, then increasing the intensity gradually.

Maxime's tips for recovering after a session:

  • Adopt a good diet: favor seasonal foods, put as many vegetables as possible on your plate and avoid processed products.

  • Drink liters of water

  • Check up from time to time to find out the origin of fatigue

  • Take a hot bath once a week to relax your muscles

  • Have the reflex to use essential oils (soothing, relaxing complexes)

Nutrition: vegetarian, then vegan

After watching a Netflix documentary , Maxime became aware of the impact of our diet on the environment , then on our health after reading this work by Neal D. Barnard , “ The Cheese Trap ” which deals with the harmful effects of milk and cheese, and finally the ethical aspect by discovering the way in which animals are treated in certain slaughterhouses.

He insisted a lot on the fact that you should not become vegetarian/vegan to follow a trend, but find real meaning in it, and start by reducing rather than stopping everything at once, to avoid the frustration of absence of certain foods.

To finish, our guest took part in the “Tonic Quiz” game (quick questions - quick answers), to give us his latest advice and recommendations:

  • A sport to practice : Basketball
  • A gym : La Montgolfière
  • A place to go for a sporting weekend : Marseille
  • The ideal breakfast : A smoothie with seeds, fruit and vegetable milk
  • An organic or vegan address in Paris : Soya Cantine Bio , 11th arrondissement
  • An organic or vegan address outside of Paris : Erewhon , in Los Angeles
  • A reason to do bootcamp : Because it’s fun!
  • A person to follow on the networks : @ochosystem , New York coach
  • One last piece of advice : Don’t put pressure on yourself and listen to yourself

If you enjoyed this episode, find Maxime, every week, during his group lessons, at “ La Montgolfière ” and “ La salle de sport ”, on his personal Instagram @maximethe1 , or on his sporting events account @ boomcampparis , revisited bootcamps with muscular and cardiovascular strengthening, every Thursday at 7:19 p.m. in different atypical locations in Paris.

Very good listening, and see you next week for a new episode!

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