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BIEN-ETRE How to help your organs eliminate toxins?


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Our body is made up of natural outlets called emunctories or elimination organs. Their role is essential to our body since they allow - as their name suggests - the elimination of waste and toxins to maintain internal balance and boost your immune system. They can be compared to a large detoxification plant.

A wonder of nature, your body does everything it can to remove your trash called toxins! Provided, however, that the valves are open, otherwise the garbage collectors struggle, it causes clogging and the trash cans overflow: chronic fatigue, eczema, fever, pimples, colds, diarrhea, poor transit, etc.

So you're not against a little help to help them clean and practice good habits? Focus on these essentials and how to support them so that they perform their function as best as possible.

The different wastes of the body

In naturopathy we consider that the primary cause of a disease results from humoral fouling (blood, lymph, serum) by several types of waste: food waste (from digestion ), metabolic waste (from activity cell) and waste from chemical substances (pesticides, medicines, pills, etc.).

They are classified into two categories:

  • Mucosic substances or glues: resulting from poor management of sugars, starch (cereals and starchy foods), lipids but also chemicals (medicines, pesticides), alcohol, stress .

How does the elimination of overloads in my body manifest? It's simple, we can summarize it by "everything that flows": phlegm, runny nose, vaginal discharge, sweating, urine, eczema and acne.

Who are the emunctories specializing in the management of this waste? The liver, the intestines but also the respiratory system (which will give rise to wet coughs) and the skin with oozing eczema.

Allies to divert waste if the organs are overwhelmed: hepatic plants (black radish, artichoke, rosemary, dandelion), hammam, physical exercise

  • Toxic acids : from excess meat, cold meats, cheese, stimulants (tea, coffee), chocolate but also from stress and ruminations.

How does the elimination of overloads in my body manifest? It can be summarized as “anything that inflames, stings and scratches”: dry eczema, tonsillitis, cystitis, kidney stones, etc.

Who are the emunctories specializing in the management of this waste? The kidneys, intestines and skin .

Allies to divert waste if the organs are overwhelmed: physical exercise, sauna, avoidance of acidic and acidifying foods.

The fantastic five

The 5 organs responsible for elimination are also called detox organs, or emunctories, or filter organs. They are the ones who take care of our glues and our crystals to evacuate them from our body. To do this, they start by filtering them from the blood that passes through them, transforming them via specific enzymes, then expelling them from the body. This is why they are also called the “exit doors” of the body. Each detox organ can be stimulated, that is to say “boosted” in its purification work. Here in a few words is a presentation of our emunctories:

The liver : our detoxification factory.

The liver is located on the right in the upper part of the abdominal cavity, below the diaphragm. It is our most important emunctory, we grant it more than 300 functions: It filters and eliminates waste from digestion aided by the gallbladder and neutralizes many toxic and carcinogenic substances (pesticides, pollution, preservatives, medications). The liver kills microbes, viruses and neutralizes their toxins, in addition, it extracts dead cells, used minerals, bacterial corpses, cholesterol, etc. from the blood.

Its role is disrupted by: overconsumption of sugar, ultra-processed foods and saturated fats (cold meats, cheese, meats). On an emotional level, pent-up anger and frustrations knock him out

Its allies: milk thistle, artichoke, black radish, linden sapwood.

The intestines : our second brain!

The intestines measure approximately 7 m, they are made up of the small intestine and the colon. They have an important role in digestion and assimilation of nutrients but also in maintaining good immunity .

Their role is disrupted by: overconsumption of sugar, ultra-processed foods, saturated fats (cold meats, cheese, meats) and a lack of fiber.

Its allies: the fibers of vegetables and fruits, the preferred food of the friendly creatures of our microbiota and which offer many benefits, herbal teas, juices and detox infusions rich in lemon and grapefruit.

The kidneys : the purifier

The kidneys are located on either side of the spine at the level of the last ribs. They have a vital role in purifying the blood. If they are not working properly, fluids are retained. It is through them that all acidic waste passes.

Their role is disrupted by excess meat, salt, stimulants and certain medications.

Its allies: drink weakly mineralized water, dandelion, orthosiphon, meadowsweet.

The lungs : an emunctory that does not lack air!

The air we breathe reaches the lungs at the level of its alveoli, which it passes through to join the blood circulation. Waste (carbon dioxide and other volatile waste) takes the opposite route to be expelled during expiration. The lungs therefore have a role in purifying gaseous waste and mainly carbon dioxide, but not only that, the lungs also expel semi-solid waste.

They provide us with oxygen, evacuate our carbon dioxide and it is through them that certain volatile acids are evacuated. Be careful of dirt if physical activity is insufficient.

Its allies: physical exercise, controlled breathing, oxygenation.

The skin : the reflection of our interior.

In adults, the skin represents 1.8 m2 for a weight of 4.5 kg. It is made up of 3 layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the deepest, the hypodermis. The epidermis is the protective part of the skin. It is at its deep layer, the basal layer, that the cells renew the skin and repair lesions. In the dermis, we find the sebaceous glands specialized in the elimination of glues via sebum, and the sweat glands specialized in the elimination of crystals via sweat. And finally, the hypodermis is the deepest layer of the skin.

The skin is your first immune barrier, it protects you from the external environment, but did you know: the skin has the same embryonic origin as the nervous system! This is why it is also a reflection of your internal weather.

Its role is disrupted by: poor diet (excess of white sugar and dairy products, bad fats, alcohol, stimulants (coffee, tobacco), excess sun and pollution, hormonal imbalance, certain cosmetic products and stress .

Its allies: good water, omega 3 , zinc and selenium (Brazil nuts), vitamins, magnesium treatment, physical activity to eliminate toxins, burdock and wild pansy and above all good management of his emotions.

You now understand why pampering our filters is fundamental to optimizing your health !

Paul-Etienne Jacob

CEO, Epycure