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EPYCURE How to choose the right cosmetics for healthy skin?

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Today in the Club Bonheur, we welcome Lucile Battail

In this episode, Lucile Battail, founder of the Laboté cosmetics brand, talks to us about skin care. How to choose them? How to sort through all the brands. She gives us all her advice for choosing the perfect product, natural, effective, ecological but above all suitable for your own skin. Are you ready to get better?

What are the important criteria for choosing cosmetics?

Effectiveness, safety, environmental impact, zero waste, price, political commitment, respect for animals, visual identity, sensoriality, human respect and health and the freshness of your ingredients and the final formula.

For Lucile, at Laboté, effectiveness depends on the good adequacy of what is in the formula and our skin, then in the quality: freshness is the key, especially when the ingredients come from nature.

What is your point of view on synthetic molecules and the naturalness of ingredients?

The number 1 criterion at Laboté for selecting an ingredient is: is it completely safe for the skin and health? As soon as there is a debate, a doubt about an ingredient, then it is not used. There is no risk-benefit balance, there must only be profit. As for what is active, there are only plants because that is what is effective and they have proven themselves on the skin for a long time.

The manufacturing process is completely eco-friendly and lasts 5 minutes, which allows us to make personalized products on demand. For this we need synthetic molecules which are great for the skin and which provide real added value.

How to choose your product at Laboté?

In the 2 Laboté addresses in Paris, there is a space to welcome the public when possible and a lab space for production which is inspired by old pharmacies. These are somewhat hybrid spaces where it is possible to have a physical consultation with the pharmacist for skin diagnosis. Then the product is produced instantly before the eyes of the customer. He will be able to leave directly with his product. There is also online sales on the site with a diagnosis of your skin and then receive a description of the skin and recommended products. And if the customer has any doubts, it is possible to do a video consultation with the pharmacists in the stores in Paris.

What about the freshness of the products?

There are no preservatives listed, only ingredients that are healthy for the skin and also usable over time. The deadline is then 3 months. There is for example glycerin, propanediol etc. which will help secure the cream for 3 months but not more and also useful for the skin.

How to do your routine?

The minimum for the skin according to Lucille is: day cream in the morning, cleansing oil in the evening then night cream. These 3 actions are recommended regardless of skin or age.

Once a week, doing a peel is also recommended because it exfoliates the skin and helps with cell renewal. Doing 1 mask per week depending on the targeted treatment is also important.

What are your choices in terms of packaging?

The packaging is made of glass because in cosmetic products there is a container/content interaction which is very important. The purple glass allows neutral and opaque packaging which protects the product. Then there is the plastic cap which is essential.

Laboté has also set up a deposit system, they collect glass from customers but especially plastic to be able to recycle very small plastic parts (those from Laboté products but not only that!). You can drop them off in stores in Paris or return them by post. They are currently working on a refill project so customers only have one glass container that they refill.

To finish, Lucile Bataille gives us her advice and recommendations by playing the “Tonic Quiz” game (quick questions – quick answers):

  • A book to recommend: I was told it was impossible by Jean-Baptiste Rudelle
  • A beauty address? Alex'thetician in Paris
  • A feel good ritual? Run
  • An activity to have a beautiful complexion? Play sports
  • A fruit that has a particularly beautiful skin? orange
  • The next person to interview? Valérie Leduc, body and face expert
  • Any final advice for listeners? Learning to know each other

Find Lucile on the website laboté.com and on Instagram @laboteparis

Excellent listening!

We'll see you next week for a new episode of Club Bonheur.

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