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EPYCURE Dr. Dalu’s advice for sleeping better while taking care of your health

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For this fourth episode, we called on Alexandra Dalu .

A nutritionist doctor, specialized in many fields, Alexandra is also a speaker, health columnist for various health and radio shows, and author of two books published by Leduc “ Long live the ketogenic diet ” and “ The 100 preconceived ideas that prevent you from 'go well '.

Today, she talks to us about the impact of sleep on our mood, our weight, our concentration and our overall health. From diet to meditation through naps, essential oils, or even the sleeping environment, she gives us all her advice to learn to sleep better.

Sleep has a beneficial impact on everything!

People who sleep well have better immunity, better health, a better shield against infections, diseases in general and age better.

Did you know ? The more hormones from the testosterone family you have, the more good muscle fibers you have, the better you will sleep. Indeed, muscles allow us to be independent mentally and physically. As a result, a muscular brain is a muscular body and vice versa. For people who are not fans of sport, 10 minutes of sport per day is enough.

What is good sleep?

In statistical terms, the ideal duration of a good night's sleep would be between 7 and 8 hours. However, there are people who sleep less and people who sleep more. Good sleep simply means getting up without waking up and in great shape. We speak of poor sleep when insomnia occurs when falling asleep and wakes up at night frequently. Additionally, poor sleep quality can lead to weight gain. For good reason, the hormones that give you the feeling of hunger are produced in greater quantities.

To get to know yourself better, it is important to know your genetic program. There are two:

  • The genetic program of short sleepers : people who go to bed late, get up early and manage to perform well until very late at night.
  • The genetic program of deep sleepers : people who go to bed before midnight and who will have an easier time getting up early in the morning.

We can't sleep well every day of our lives, but when we are often tired, Alexandra advises doing a phase reset : that is, relearning to go to bed before midnight. If this impacts our daily life, do not hesitate to have a sleep apnea test done by the ENT specialist.

Dr Dalu’s advice for sleeping well:

  • Avoid alcohol, which destroys the sleep hormone
  • Reduce heavy dinners, which increase body temperature
  • Remove proteins, which increase dopamine and cause action
  • Favor fibrous starchy foods (legumes) which prevent cravings
  • Avoid stimulants: detox herbal tea, tobacco, coffee, decaffeinated
  • Lower body temperature (cool the room)
  • Turn off all lights and night lights
  • Use essential oils (orange blossom, bitter orange, lavender)

Indication: Essential oils should be avoided by pregnant women.

Why do we want to sleep after lunch?

  1. Natural fatigue : which occurs at the end of the day, after work.
  2. Pathological fatigue : the famous “pump”, due to hypoglycemia, which often occurs after a lunch, which is too quick and too copious.

Tip: For those who don't have time for lunch, opt for a liquid diet (vegetable juice, fruit) to facilitate digestion.

What about nap time?

A nap is good for people who have a real benefit on their health and efficiency (no more than 20 minutes). However, it is contraindicated for insomniacs and can be long for people who work nights in order to have a family life during the day.

To finish, Alexandra took part in the game, answering our “Tonic Quiz” questions (quick questions-quick answers):

  • A book to recommend : “ The Bonfire of the Vanities ” by Tom Wolfe
  • A place to rest : On the sand…
  • An action to do as soon as you wake up : Open the window and get a breath of fresh air
  • A food to always have in your cupboard : Sardines!
  • An activity to relax : Listen to music and laugh
  • One last piece of advice : Give yourself short-term projects (week by week) and learn to put things into perspective to always find something beautiful in your life

If you enjoyed hearing her advice, find Alexandra on her Instagram account @dralexandradalu , in her two books “ Long live the ketogenic diet ” and “ The 100 preconceived ideas that prevent you from being well ” published by Leduc and in consultation by taking go directly to their website .

Very good listening!

See you next week, to give you new concrete keys to apply in your daily life.

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