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EPYCURE Understanding the body-mind connection to overcome blockages with Clémentine Chatroussat

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This week, in Club Bonheur, we welcome Clémentine Chatroussat .

Psycho-corporeal therapist, individual and corporate coach and teacher of yoga for women and the face. In this episode, she talks to us about psycho-corporeal therapies and in particular body-mind unity. She gives us a ton of advice and anecdotes to overcome our blockages, anxieties and stress, whether psychological or physical. Are you ready to get better?

During a period of her professional life, Clémentine was responsible for major sporting events. This desire for more gentleness and tenderness in his work pushed him towards a world of well-being that was both psychological and physical.

Passionate about anatomy for a very long time, Clémentine felt the need to combine this passion with the psychotherapeutic aspect. She thus trained at the IFFP, the French Institute of Psychocorporeal Training.

Psychocorporeal practice brings together both the psychotherapeutic aspect through gestalt therapy but also the body through touch, knowledge of oneself and others.

What is gestalt therapy?

Gestalt therapy consists of identifying resistance, working on it and then closing it, like a circle.

“Gestalt is riding the wave of what happens to us.”

Clémentine insists on a notion that is particularly close to her heart, which is responsibility for oneself. The objective is to make the person understand that they are responsible for their life, that everything does not come from others and that we make choices, which then give us responsibilities.

How is mind-body therapy practiced?

Our therapist begins with an approach, either by telephone or by email, in order to listen to the person's expectations, to find out if they can meet them, and if so, in what way. Clémentine adapts each of her therapies, depending on what best suits the person. It can bring everything in through the psychological aspect, as well as only through the body (exercises, breathing) or combine the two at the same time.

What can we do following burnout?

“A lot of people are looking to know how to calm down.”

The first question to ask yourself is what am I doing for myself? Then, what do I put in place to make me feel good? And finally, do I really know how to do it?

The idea is simply to give yourself time to do one thing consciously during the day, such as: make a face mask, light a candle or take 3 breaths.

Women's yoga

This type of yoga is aimed at all women and allows you to reconnect with your feminine energy. It is a mixture of yin yoga, mantras, facial yoga and mudras. There are many postures on the ground, to work on the energy in contact with the earth and also a hormone yoga section, which allows you to work on the ovaries.

Facial yoga

Facial yoga allows you to accept your facial features. There is obviously aesthetic work, but Clémentine insists that that is not the primary goal. It's first of all a reconnection with yourself, and that starts by applying your cream in the morning with more awareness.

Some exercises to do at home:

  • Work on your posture : move your shoulders, direct them backwards, open your ribcage and heart
  • Do neck movements

  • Massage your scalp with your fingertips

  • Opt for breathing : inhale through your nose, expand your stomach, exhale through your mouth with an Aaaaa sound.

Duration: 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening are enough

And finally to finish, here are Clémentine's answers to our “ Tonic Quiz ” (quick questions - quick answers):

  • A book to recommend :

Desired woman, desiring woman ”, by Danièle Flaumenbaum

The Road Less Traveled ”, Scott Peck

  • A habit to add to your daily life : Breathing

  • A yoga posture to practice when you wake up : Raise your legs to 90 degrees and shake to circulate the energy

  • A phrase to repeat to yourself : “Don’t adapt to what doesn’t make you happy.”

  • A gesture to do before going to bed : Place the palm of the left hand between the chest, at the level of the energy center of the heart, place the palm of the right hand on top and fall asleep while saying something nice to yourself.

  • An object to always have in your bag : A rose quartz stone

  • Next person to interview : Elodie Jacquemond, founder of Holissence

  • One last piece of advice : “Take care of yourself”

If you liked this episode, find Clémentine Chatroussat on her Instagram account @clementinechatroussat .

Very good listening and see you soon for a new episode!

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