Quels traitements naturels pour soigner une infection urinaire ?

BIEN-ÊTRE What natural treatments to treat a urinary infection?


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Who has never experienced urinary infections or suffered from various urinary discomforts? Unfortunately, this is the painful lot that the majority of women experience at least once in their lives, so we have listed here many natural tips to take care of our urinary tract and avoid these painful periods.
Of course, it is important to consult your doctor in the event of an attack to eradicate the infection as quickly as possible, but this can be combined with the advice below to limit the risk of recurrence and regain urinary comfort.

Habits to adopt


This advice seems very basic and yet, lack of hydration remains a major cause of urinary discomfort , feelings of tightness, burning, and dryness. If this is your case regularly, then invest without further delay in a pretty bottle to take with you everywhere to ensure you drink at least 1.5L of still water (excluding hot drinks, fruit juices, sodas) per day. day.

The intestine and urinary tract link

Our urinary tract and our vulva are protected by their own microbiota , that is to say a small army of good bacteria which act as a barrier to intruders and protect the acidity of the area . However, this microbiota can sometimes be weakened, particularly after repeated antibiotics, which is often the case during chronic urinary infections. It is then essential to take care of this microbiota, as well as the intestinal microbiota since they work together and constipation is an aggravating factor for urinary infections.
To do this, contact your doctor or natural health practitioner for advice on probiotic courses orally as well as vaginally, which will be important to repeat after each antibiotic intake. Epycure offers a treatment based on probiotics: the Probio & Fiber Cure , composed of 4 probiotic strains, prebiotic, calcium and zinc. It is a very good help to restore the balance of the microbiota and take care of your health.

Position in the toilet

Here we touch on a delicate subject: the state of hygiene of toilets, not those at home of course but rather those in public places, transport, or your workplace. You have certainly heard since your earliest childhood the advice not to sit on the toilet bowl at the risk of catching all the germs in the world. However, studies have proven that sitting on the toilet bowl is not really a vector of infections (in particular because it is your thighs and not your vulva that touch the toilet), but in addition that this position in balance was harmful to our perineum and prevented proper emptying of the bladder , which is a factor favoring urinary infections.
It is therefore high time to change the imagination on this subject, and even bring a little toilet paper with you to give the bowl a clean before settling in. Your perineum and urinary tract will thank you!

Intimate relationships

Another subject that we talk too little about in the case of urinary infections: sexual intercourse. It is important to remember to urinate after intercourse , or even do a quick cat wash before and after for both partners, in order to eliminate any bacteria that may have come into contact with the urinary tract during intercourse.

Natural aids

Cranberry juice

Essential for urinary health, cranberry is well known to women who suffer from frequent infections. Be careful, however, to choose pure cranberry juice and not its almost transparent and sweet cousin, which is more like a syrup than a beneficial plant.
This juice can be integrated into your eating habits as a preventative measure if you are sensitive to urinary disorders, for example diluted in your water bottle or a pure glass at snack time for example.


You have understood, it is essential to drink enough to avoid the risk of urinary discomfort but you can also benefit from the benefits of plants such as thyme, bearberry, hibiscus or mallow which you can mix in equal parts with height of 30g of dry plants for 1L of water.
This hot drink can find its place as prevention in your daily life with a cup per day, or in larger quantities in the event of a crisis.

The Urinary Comfort Cure

Urinary infections or cystitis , many women are affected by these discomforts. In addition to being painful and recurring regularly, they often lead to the consumption of antibiotics which can disrupt the intestinal flora... To overcome them in a way that is as natural as it is effective, the Urinary Comfort Cure is your ally . perfect . The formula will help to quickly regain urinary well-being by acting in a targeted manner on the infection. Formulated from active ingredients of 100% natural origin , the Urinary Comfort Cure combines the indisputable power of essential oils with that of plants for rapid action on urinary discomfort . 

  • Cranberry , also known as cranberry, is rich in PACs (proanthocyanidins) and will thus help limit the proliferation of E.coli bacteria , and therefore reduce the risk of recurrence,
  • Hibiscus is traditionally used to stimulate the kidneys and therefore improve renal elimination , a crucial step in the treatment of urinary infections,
  • White willow , rich in salicin, will help reduce the pain occurring during a urinary infection,
  • The essential oils of cinnamon and rosemary will respectively fight against a wide variety of infections and bacteria and can act specifically on the E. coli bacteria, the bacteria responsible for most urinary infections.

For further..

Emotional openness

If we now focus on a more subtle subject, that of the emotional impact of disorders and illnesses, we discover that the urinary sphere is linked to the notion of territory : feeling at ease in one's space, safe, have your place, don't get stepped on. It may therefore be interesting to question yourself on these subjects if you suffer from chronic and unexplained urinary problems.

Interstitial cystitis

Another avenue to explore if you suffer from urinary problems or frequent urges to urinate but your analyzes show nothing, it may be interstitial cystitis or inflammation of the area . In this case, molecules such as D-mannose or once again cranberry and probiotics may be recommended to you by your health practitioner.

We hope that these different tips will find a small place in your daily life to help you regain urinary comfort and space out attacks. In any case, talk to your doctor to prevent the symptoms from getting worse.
And you, what are your tips for urinary problems?

Marion Pezard

Naturopathe et créatrice du podcast Healthy Living