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BIEN-ETRE 6 tips for taking care of your hair this summer

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Sun and beach are often synonymous with dry, dull and brittle hair. Indeed, the addition of salt water, chlorine, wind and UV rays can create porosity in the hair fiber and weaken it, often the cause of this well-known straw effect. The sun can also change the pH of the scalp and promote the appearance of dandruff.
So now is the time to think about protecting your pretty hair so you can enjoy the sun, the pool and the sea without coming back from vacation with dry, split ends.
Discover in this article our 6 tips for maintaining healthy hair this summer!

Protect your hair from the sun

Before basking in the sun, we often think about applying sunscreen to our skin to protect it from UV rays, but we forget about protection for our hair. So to avoid ending up with dry and dull hair at the end of your vacation, remember to apply sun protection for your hair (remembering to reapply regularly, especially after swimming). There are many products today, sprays , oils , with a light texture and captivating smell, to protect the hair fiber from UV damage, sand, wind and repeated swimming.
To protect your scalp while letting your hair breathe, invest in a straw hat, a bandana (or even a bucket hat). It will perfectly complement the effectiveness of your sun protection.
Finally, if you like to enjoy the sea or the swimming pool and swim every day during your vacation, the ideal would be not to wet your hair every day to protect it from salt and chlorine!

Rinse your hair after swimming

The sun, chlorine, sea salt dehydrate and bleach the hair, the wind dries it out and the sand irritates the scalp, sometimes causing itching... So many reasons which require rinsing your hair with clean water after each use. the beach or swimming pool to remove salt, chlorine and sand residue.
To avoid the straw effect, you can then use a shampoo with nourishing and moisturizing properties as well as a conditioner with restorative properties which will rehydrate the hair fiber and facilitate detangling. Ideally, opt for a natural, solid shampoo!

Avoid the use of heat sources

In addition to using heat protection and moisturizing your hair regularly, avoid exposing your hair to heat sources other than the sun in summer.
For example, avoid very hot water on your hair when you shower and always opt for a lukewarm or even cold temperature (actually easier said than done) to invigorate the hair and avoid drying it out.
Don't hesitate to leave your hair dryer aside and take advantage of the summer heat to let them dry naturally. Indeed, if used incorrectly, the hair dryer can quickly damage the hair fiber, especially in summer when the hair is already weakened.
Please note, however, that wet hair breaks much more easily than dry hair. The key is therefore not to let them dry in the open air indiscriminately, otherwise you will damage them further:

  1. Drain your hair gently , with a bamboo fiber towel for example,
  2. Avoid brushing your hair and pulling on the knots when you get out of the shower and use wide-toothed combs, even if it means brushing them again once dry.
  3. Finally, avoid going to bed with your hair still wet because friction on the pillow will cause frizz and hair breakage.

Repair and rehydrate your hair

As explained above, under the effect of UV rays, salt and chlorine, our hair dries out deeply. As a result, hair becomes dull, dry and damaged and requires richer hair care during and after the holidays. To be applied as a 30-minute treatment or as a night treatment at least once a week, the masks help regenerate and strengthen the hair .

A quick overview of the vegetable oils to use in summer to preserve the shine of your hair and thus avoid coming home with dull and split ends.

- Coconut oil : thanks to its high lauric acid content, it will coat the hair to protect it from external aggressions and prevent it from dehydrating.
- Olive oil : if your scalp is irritated and prone to dandruff, this oil can help soothe inflammation, hydrate the hair and restore strength and shine.
- Sweet almond oil : it deeply nourishes the hair thanks to its richness in omega 6 and 9 and thus allows it to be repaired in depth.
- Buriti oil : thanks to its content of essential fatty acids, this oil revitalizes dehydrated and dry hair and gives it shine.

To benefit from all their benefits, cover your hair with a warm bath towel and leave it on before rinsing.

Avoid coloring before your vacation in the sun

Whether natural or not, it is strongly recommended not to get color before going on vacation. Indeed, colored hair is often weakened by coloring products, even before exposure to the sun. This is why sea salt, chlorine and the sun damage the hair fiber even more easily .
Beyond the fact that the hair is damaged twice as quickly and the color turns in the sun, the coloring becomes faded quite quickly. In fact, the water from the swimming pool or the sea causes the hair fiber to swell and opens the hair cuticles, making it easier for colored pigments to escape.
If possible, wait until you return from vacation to refresh your color!
If you really can't wait, opt for a complete routine to take care of your hair: rely on shampoos that prolong the color, revive its shine and protect the hair from UV rays and repairing masks that reduce hair dryness.

Opt for sugar-free hair & nail gummies

And because the beauty of hair also comes from the inside, at Epycure, we offer you a range of food supplements to take care of your hair in summer and throughout the year.
Our sugar-free hair & nail gummies are ideal for protecting hair from summer damage and restoring shine and suppleness.
These vegan and natural chewing gums have a delicious orange taste . They are formulated from a vitamin cocktail well known to science, and in particular:

- Biotin , which strengthens the hair fiber, brings shine and suppleness ,
- Vitamin B6 , which helps with the synthesis of keratin for more volume and length,
- Vitamin B9 , which maintains scalp health ,
- Zinc , a powerful antioxidant which limits the loss of hair.

You can choose to follow the treatment for the entire duration of exposure to the sun to protect your hair from summer damage or at the end of summer to make it more beautiful and stronger.

And to combine skin and hair beauty , you can turn to the Summer Pack , composed of sugar-free hair & nail gummies and sugar-free sunscreen gummies (with a super good cherry taste).