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Today in Club Bonheur, we welcome Miky Lagadec

In this episode, Miky Lagadec, Reiki master teacher and sound therapy practitioner, talks to us about this new discipline aimed at using sounds, frequencies and vibrations for harmonizing and therapeutic purposes. She explains how sound therapy works and how it can help you in your daily life. Are you ready to get better?

What is sound therapy and where does it come from?

Miky tells us that sound therapy is a practice developed little by little mainly in Anglo-Saxon countries and the United States by different Buddhists, experts and researchers since the 70s. Several experiments were carried out and in 1998, Dr Beaulieu discovered that a peak of nitric oxide appeared through the vibration of certain tuning forks. This gas is an anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. The body then enters into ecstatic relaxation while loosening and healing all muscles, joints and organs.

Each instrument has its benefits

There are metal bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks, gongs etc.

The bowls are also called minigongs because they have almost the same virtues except when this one (the therapeutic bowl) is positioned directly on the body to activate a vibration effect.

There are also several types of bowls including those for sound massages which will seek out vibrations in the body to carry out a major cellular cleansing and thus harmonize it. The crystal bowl will act much faster and more acutely. There is indeed a strong resonance between us and the bowls of crystals because they are made of selenium, but selenium is also inside our body. You have to be careful because it is very intense, so you need real training to use it. The tuning forks are totally angelic like the crystal bowl. The metal bowl will be more shamanic, we will be more relaxed.

Gongs also have the same virtues (the waves enter our body to cleanse it) with some differences. During gong baths, it is possible to work on more astro-psychological aspects for example.

With the drum , it is the rhythm that will bring us into an alteration of the rhythm of consciousness. We can initiate a change inside the person because they will be more open and more relaxed.

Where to start to get started?

Miky recommends a gong bath, which is a good experience to start with. The feelings are very different depending on the person but also the same person can experience their gong bath differently than the previous experience. Some people may feel euphoria, joy, sadness, or nostalgia.

If you want to explore a little more you can do a sound massage which is gentler and very relaxing.

Is it possible to carry out these techniques remotely (live Facebook, Instagram, video etc.)?

Miky reminds us that we are all frequency and when we take a gong bath it is a unique experience. When the bath is recorded it will necessarily be different but it will still relax. However, it is not easy because the sounds can be crushed if you use applications, there are not all the frequencies. We don't have the same feelings because the gongs will not make our body vibrate directly. The best is therefore face-to-face sessions.

How to integrate sound therapy into our daily lives?

So Miky insists on the fact that it is possible to integrate sound therapy into your daily life but with training . Because you have to know and learn how to send the frequencies, how to strike, what mallet to use, how to place your bowl. You can do meditations at home and if you want to use bowls you have to learn to know what sensation we want to bring to our body.

To finish, Miky Lagadec gives us his advice and recommendations by playing the “Tonic Quiz” game (quick questions - quick answers):

  • A book to recommend : Healing Sounds by Mitchell Gaynor
  • A place to relax : The Lerab Ling temple, a Buddhist temple in France
  • Your favorite tool : The gong and the Himalayan bowl
  • Our next guest : Don Conreaux
  • One last piece of advice : “Be the sound you want to hear” by Philippe Garnier

Find Miky on his networks: Instagram @mikylagadec and on his website https://www.reikiandsoundbath.com/ to find classes, internships and retreats.

Excellent listening!

We'll see you next week for a new episode of Club Bonheur.

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