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EPYCURE Self-confidence, how to develop and strengthen it?

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Today in the Club Bonheur, we welcome Charlotte Scapin

Charlotte Scapin, personal development coach and founder of Carbone Theory, talks to us about self-confidence. How to reveal it, how to dare? Charlotte gives you all her advice for facing your fears, learning to accept yourself and no longer worrying about how others see you. Are you ready to get better?

What is self-confidence?

For Charlotte, self-confidence means regaining your freedom of movement to do what you really want to do, giving life to your desires, your aspirations, your projects, etc. Charlotte teaches self-confidence in order to become comfortable with all our range of emotions that today we seek to hide. As we become comfortable again with the idea of ​​feeling all these emotions then we also gain freedom of movement. The majority of Charlotte's work is really about allowing people to become comfortable with all emotions again.

Concretely, how do we become comfortable with all our emotions again?

We must first become aware of our own blockages. To do this, we must first do a huge amount of self-knowledge work to know what our weaknesses are, our obstacles but also our driving forces, etc. During coaching, the work will be done in relation to a given objective. Subsequently, there is real work to transform limiting beliefs.

What can we do to get to know ourselves?

The first job to do is observation! In a notebook, on your phone or elsewhere, you need to take the time several times a day to sit down and note down what you are feeling, our current emotions, etc.

Charlotte's best-selling exercise is The Scale of Values: it's a lot of work that allows us to create the combination of our host values! Everything that will increase our energy, motivate us and be the driving forces to take action.

How do we know if our goal is the right one?

Charlotte works a lot with people with entrepreneurial goals, life change goals, etc. After the objective that the person will choose, it is the one that best suits them at a given moment.

Can you tell us about your program?

Charlotte's program is called Get your sh*t together , there are 8 modules that can be done in 1 year. Most of the work at the beginning is on self-knowledge, work of observation, collection and analysis of information about oneself. Once this part is done, we arrive at the transformation of beliefs. We will therefore discover all our limiting beliefs and classify them in order to clearly visualize which one is the most important and which we wish to change.

What are limiting beliefs?

These are very strong convictions that we will have on a subject and that we will tend to establish as a universal truth. It is an inheritance that often comes from our parents or the people who raised us but also from society and our past experiences. The more an experience is repeated, the more it will be fixed in our brain and will be perceived as true. Once this limiting belief is defined, there is a lot of work to be done to redefine this belief.

Do you have any advice for accepting your choices?

Charlotte clearly announces that in judgment we are not judged but it is a projection that people make on us but of their own limits and fears which concern them. You have to start putting into practice everything you know in theory. There is a real difference between knowing what you want and finally taking the plunge and assuming what you want.

Do you have any other tips or daily exercises to make peace with yourself?

Observation work is really essential! Coaching is still a lot of in-depth work, as Charlotte reminds us, it is not immediate. In-depth work on oneself is therefore important, as is exercise on the scale of values.

Finally, Charlotte Scapin gives us her advice and recommendations by taking part in the “Tonic Quiz” game (quick questions - quick answers):

  • A book to recommend: You are a badass at making money by Jen Sincero
  • An activity that gives you self-confidence? dancing alone in your living room to Beyoncé
  • A food that has confidence in itself? Pasta
  • A place to feel good? The La Montgolfière sports club
  • The next person to interview? Salomé Lalum business coach
  • Any final advice for listeners? Listen to yourself thoroughly!

Find Charlotte on Instagram @carbone_theory and on her website The next program will take place in March 2021

Excellent listening!

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