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EPYCURE Autumn: how to get through this season in great shape?

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Today in Club Bonheur, we welcome Claire Alcalay .

In this episode, Claire Alcalay, naturopath and doctor of pharmacy, talks to us about autumn: what does this season mean in naturopathy, what impact does it have on our body, our emotions, our well-being? She gives us all her advice on how to best adapt your diet as well as your entire well-being routine to welcome the arrival of this new season with full energy! Are you ready to get better?

What is autumn in naturopathy?

In autumn the temperatures will drop, the days will be shorter, the leaves will fall, nature will begin to retreat, it is really a preparation for winter and the body will be in the same state of mind. During this season, we need a little more sleep, a more cocooning, calm moment, etc.

Just like for nature, for our body it is a transition phase which will bring us towards winter.

In Chinese medicine, autumn is a period associated with the metal element, mainly the lungs and the large intestine. These are organs which will provide immunity and which must be boosted during this season.

A period of detox, cure and monodiet: for whom and how?

Claire reminds us that during the fall we must particularly support the intestines.

For the intestine it is necessary: ​​provide a maximum of fiber, plants, legumes.

When it comes to treatment, Claire advises us first of all to try to understand how we feel about the vitality of our body.

If he has enough vitality: you can do a monodiet (monodiet of vegetables for example). Claire favors the consumption of vegetables over fruits in order to avoid excess sugar and thus not exhaust our pancreas which will be a little weaker during this season.

If our body is a little weak: it is better to support it by adding juices, occasional mono-diets or 16-hour fasts by skipping breakfast or the evening meal. This helps purify the body, regenerate it and detoxify it.

“The more you pay attention to your body, the less difficult it will be to pay attention to your weight.”

Any activities or sports to recommend to cleanse the lungs?

For the lungs you need to: practice breathing exercises, walks in the forest, mindful walks, etc.

Whatever the practice (cardio or not), it will help clean the lungs. Indeed, yoga and Pilate will allow you to have very conscious breathing and will have beneficial effects.

We must not limit ourselves to one sport or another but rather move towards what speaks to us the most and what makes us want it.

Tips for managing the stress of fall and the arrival of winter

By doing small breathing exercises (twice a day) this will physiologically reduce the heart rate and thus reduce tension and better manage stress.

Example: Inspiration for 5 seconds - hold your breathing for 2/3 seconds - breathe slowly, to do several times for 1 min.

Practices to boost your morale?

Take hot baths (unless you have circulatory problems) to eliminate all toxins through the skin and relax in a cocooning, relaxed moment.

You can also add bath salts for a remineralizing effect and essential oils to put in your salt or in a base that will disperse it (eg: grapefruit, lemon or lavender).

To give a boost, Claire advises us to drink thyme herbal teas or take small magnesium treatments.

Bach flowers (Walnut), which is the flower of change, helps to accompany this change in the gentlest way possible. Just put 1 drop in herbal tea every day.

To finish, Claire Alcalay gives us her advice and recommendations by playing the “Tonic Quiz” game (quick questions – quick answers):

  • A book to recommend : The five wounds that prevent you from being yourself by Lise Bourbeau
  • An ingredient to always have in your cupboard : A good oil (walnut, rapeseed, hazelnut)
  • An autumn recipe : pumpkin puree or soup
  • Your favorite activity in the fall : walking in the vineyards
  • Next person to interview : Jacques Martel, author
  • One last piece of advice : listen to yourself as much as possible

Find Claire on her Instagram account @naturodijon and on her site for video consultations, articles etc. https://www.naturodijon.com/.

Excellent listening!

We'll see you next week for a new episode of Club Bonheur.

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