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EPYCURE Silence, a space of inner well-being

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Today in Club Bonheur, we welcome Jeanne Dujardin .

In this episode, Jeanne Dujardin, founder of the Silence movement created in 2018, talks to us about silence, its benefits and how to practice it. She gives you her advice for cultivating silence both internally and externally and living a quieter life. Are you ready to get better?

What is silence?

Vital is the first word that comes to Jeanne's mind to describe silence. It is also a resource that belongs to all of us. There are 2 forms of silence;

  • External silence: absence of noise, 0 decibels
  • Inner silence: serenity and inner peace

During the Silence experiences, participants withdraw from the noises that disturb them and from noise pollution (the noise of transport, modernity, notifications, etc.). On the other hand, the sounds of nature are welcome and allow us to achieve inner silence. We are therefore not looking for 0 decibel silence.

With this base of silence, Jeanne offers a whole set of practices that accompany the silent experience. There is digital disconnection, the absence of speech, connection to nature, well-being practices, better living workshops which aim to transmit a healthier and more conscious lifestyle as well as creative workshops. All this, along with meditation, helps us find inner silence.

In the Silence movement created by Jeanne, there are 3 parts:

  • Silence Workshops : these are immersive experiences around silence, well-being and nature, for businesses or in the form of public events…
  • the Silence Spaces : tailor-made places of rejuvenation and nature “with biophilic design (inspired by nature)”, which Jeanne suggests setting up in public places as well as in businesses. Objective ? A space to pause, to slow down, disconnect, and refocus.
  • Silence Stays : silent retreats combining yoga, detox nutrition, meditation and massages... They take place every month and are open to all.

It is a universal and democratic approach, accessible to all.

How can we cultivate silence in our daily lives?

Silence's mission is to transmit this culture of silence so that it can be applied in everyday life once people are at home. This philosophy is transmitted in particular during the Silence workshop which is a foretaste of the Silence stay.

Jeanne shares with us some tips to start a quieter life:

  • Digital disconnection: avoid picking up your phone in the morning when you wake up, turning it off in the evening when you get home and trying to have a weekend off without networks, etc.
  • Meditation and silence: a few moments during the week to be more calm, more concentrated, more attentive to oneself and others, more creative, more energetic, etc.
  • Slowness: allowing yourself to do nothing, to stroll, to take your time to be fully aware.
  • Listening: listening to others and also to yourself
  • Breathing: being aware of your body, your breathing and pausing to breathe

Jeanne offers us a simple exercise to do anywhere, live now: 1 minute of happy silence (be present in the moment, do nothing, avoiding thinking/reflecting)

Up to you !


What are the benefits of regular silent practice?

Different benefits are explained by Jeanne:

  • An idea of ​​self-exploration, a rediscovery
  • Awareness of our life and our actions
  • An outcome, which is brought about on certain problems of our daily life and well-being cleansed by silence
  • A clarification of our thoughts and a reduction of certain everyday trifles
  • Inspiration with more creativity
  • A very relaxing effect!

To finish, Jeanne Dujardin gives us her advice and recommendations by playing the “Tonic Quiz” game (quick questions - quick answers):

Find Jeanne on her networks: Facebook Silence experience and Instagram @silenceexperience and on her website https://silenceexperience.com/

Excellent listening!

We'll see you next week for a new episode of Club Bonheur.

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