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BIEN-ETRE Sport and health: what are the benefits of physical activity?

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Yes, sport is good for your health! In naturopathy, sport is even one of the 3 pillars of naturopathy with food and the psycho-emotional sphere.

Sport & naturopathy: one of the best treatments for our health

Movement is life ! We are made up of ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones… allowing us to move in space. However, today, our sedentary lifestyle is gradually clogging us and leading to various disorders and pathologies.

The goal of physical activity is not to gain strength, lose weight, or break speed records, but to allow the body to restart its elimination process.

Practicing sport consciously and for the right reasons allows you to:

Maintain good physical condition:

  • By helping to maintain a healthy weight
  • By facilitating the loss of fat masses. However, don't forget that diet accounts for 70% of weight loss.
  • By increasing blood flow to protect our cardiovascular system and better stability of blood pressure.
  • By strengthening musculoskeletal functions fighting osteoporosis

To eliminate toxins:

  • By stimulating our lymphatic system, where toxins are stored. Unlike the blood system, this system does not have any pump to circulate properly, so it is essential to move to allow it to properly eliminate toxins.
  • By activating our emunctories (exit door for our toxins) such as the kidneys, skin, intestines and lungs.
  • By increasing the supply of nutrients and oxygen to our cells and improving their evacuation thanks to greater blood fluidity.

From a psychological point of view , the muscle is the counterweight of the nerves, that is to say that by moving it allows you to release tension and allows you to let go of physical and mental stress. Result ? Sport allows you to:

  • Better manage stress overall
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Improve concentration and quality of work
  • Promote restful sleep
  • Awaken and circulate the body's energy
  • Have fun and share emotions

The best physical activity according to your profile and needs

The important thing above all is to do a sport that makes us happy. It is only under this condition that you will succeed in practicing regularly. Whether it's 3 hours a week or 30 minutes every day, the important thing is that physical activity becomes a routine and a daily reflex.

Those who need to let off steam , energy-dominant activities are made for them: team sports, cross fit, step, zumba, athletics, racket sports, combat sports ... But be careful, these sports can be traumatic for the body, so it is essential to:

  • Do good specific physical preparation before starting
  • Do osteopathy and physiotherapy sessions regularly
  • Take regular breaks from practice to allow the body to recover
  • To supplement regularly

Those who are cooped up all day and victims of oxidative stress will need to do an activity outside.

Those particularly stressed will benefit from practicing aquatic activities. Water is an excellent drainer of bad energy and soothes.

For everyone :

  • Energetic and postural activities such as qi gong, yoga, pilates, the Mézières method, postural stretching, taiji , etc. are excellent for helping us age well. Be curious and try before making up your mind.
  • Climbing like French or English boxing offers a very complete practice and is extremely effective on all levels, both cardiovascular and coordination.

Move your way! Take care of yourself.