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Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that will focus on the good side of life and expect positive results from it. Coming from the United States, this philosophy allows you to change your vision of the world, of others, and of yourself. It is not an abstract method that promises eternal happiness with a simple quote but on the contrary, it is a real way of life.

Based on pleasant emotions, positive sentences allow you to achieve better general well-being, they also make you more efficient and increase the chances of success in professional and personal life and develop opportunity and courage. On the contrary, a person whose thoughts are often negative will see their discouragement increase more quickly but also their errors. He will have difficulty achieving the goals she has set for herself and will be more pessimistic by only seeing her problems, her fears and her failure.

Negative thinking will hinder success and promote depressive states. In 2002, an American study carried out among 660 people showed that optimism and positive phrases allowed them to live longer and healthier lives. Researchers compared the answers given by participants in 1975 during a survey on aging and all the people who had a positive perception of aging lived on average 7.5 years longer than the people who were more pessimistic. .

To adopt the philosophy, there are many tips. Indeed, to cultivate positive phrases, you must opt ​​for a committed attitude coupled with successful spiritual designs which allow you to develop inspiration and thus be master of your happiness. They can transform your negative brain patterns, change your perception of the world and cultivate optimism within you. The main keys are in this 100% good vibes article.

1. The goals of positive thinking

They are numerous :

- Help you put things into perspective and keep your spirits up

- Do not spend your energy on stress unnecessarily and gain serenity

- Maintain kindness and love towards yourself and others

- Fight against ruminations and parasitic thoughts

- No longer be in anxious anticipation of events

- Don't let yourself be overwhelmed

- Reduce stress and be less sad

- Sleep better

- Be better in your body and in your mind while maintaining your morale

- Open your heart

2. The 8 keys to positive thinking

First of all, this philosophy is based on 3 fundamental principles:

Autosuggestion: you must learn to create positive emotions: for example, when faced with a difficult situation, you can say to yourself “I will achieve my goals”, “I can do it easily” or “I believe in my abilities. »

Emotion . You must try to feel happy emotions (joy, satisfaction, humor, friendship, love, etc.) during the formulation to reinforce positive thoughts.

Conviction . We must convince ourselves of the veracity of the formulations, which facilitates the integration of happiness. You have to believe in what you say or think, just like an actor gets into the skin of his character and convinces the audience.

After assimilating these 3 fundamental principles, other tips come into play:

1/ We speak in the first person

Saying “I” allows you to become more involved, avoiding “you must”, “we must” etc.

2/ We speak in the present tense

Indeed, sentences constructed in a positive form and formulated in the present indicative should be preferred to sentences with negative connotations and formulated in the simple future. It is then a matter of regularly repeating these positive phrases in order to integrate them, little by little, into the subconscious. Since ruminations of the past and anxious anticipations of the future should be limited, cultivating the moment and speaking in the present moment proves to be the best way to stay positive unless you are expecting great happiness or want to remember a memory from the past.

3/ We get enough sleep

A recent study conducted at Binghamton University among around a hundred students showed that sufficient, quality sleep would promote good mood and, conversely, chase away repetitive negative thoughts. The results of this investigation demonstrated that participants with better sleep quality and who regularly went to bed earlier were less prone to dark thoughts and therefore less anxious than those in whom sleep was insufficient and of poor quality.

4/ We integrate a notion of progression if necessary

You can't achieve everything right away, projects are being built, congratulate yourself on each step taken and the positive development "little by little", "day by day".

5/ We hang out with positive people

Happy thinking is a contagious philosophy, to develop it, it is therefore important to surround yourself well. Adopting positive thinking also involves sorting through your knowledge. Make this choice gently and little by little… Don’t cut ties with your “toxic” loved ones. But take a step back, agree to see them a little less often, and set a good example for them every time you see them.

6/ We visualize

It's not just seeing the present differently, it's also acting on the future you. Happy spiritual designs by imagining future action allow you to better project yourself into a positive state and increase the feeling of relaxation . Try simply immersing yourself for 10 minutes in the skin of your future Self who has achieved this goal.

7/ We rejoice with gratitude

Always thank life for an acquired result, open your heart with kindness. Trying every day to thank your day for 4/5 actions you have done will allow you to be satisfied with yourself and start the next day on a happy and positive path with a smile.

8/ We add a moral clause if necessary

We can add to a motivational sentence, a proverb or a quote , a moral clause such as “if this is right for me”, “if this grace suits me”.

Feel good exercise 💪:

In front of a mirror we smile and repeat a beautiful phrase, a mantra or positive quotes out loud to ourselves three times a day.

Oral repetition can be done in 3 different tones: muffled, low or loud voice.

And for that we give you some examples of our best quotes (we quite like the last one ;))

-"Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better" 🙈

- “I make my life a dream and my dreams a reality” 🌈 Saint Exupéry

- “I never lose, I either win or I learn” 🤓 Nelson Mandela

- “Madness is the only thing I will never regret” ⚡ Oscar Wilde

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