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EPYCURE Good reflexes to adopt in winter

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Today in the Club Bonheur, we welcome Anaïs Outrequin Horion

In this episode, Anaïs Outrequin Horion, naturopath, EFT practitioner and health coach talks to us about winter. Anaïs tells us what this season means and implies in naturopathy. She gives us her advice on foods to eat, rituals to integrate or activities to practice. Are you ready to get better?

What does winter mean in naturopathy?

In traditional Chinese medicine, winter will be linked to the kidney organ and it is also the time when we must recharge our batteries. Winter will lead to withdrawal, moments of cocooning and a real slowdown.

Why do we get sicker in winter?

Anaïs teaches us that “I caught a cold in winter” is a myth. We have a decline in our immune system which will be more stressed due to different factors: there are more viruses (viruses do not like heat so there are more of them in winter), our diet (which is often more oily, heavier in winter), the low exposure to the sun (we therefore have less vitamin D at this time) and also the air is drier (this dries out our mucous membranes and the virus will be able to access our passages more easily respiratory).

What happens in our body in winter?

First of all in winter, there is blood which will protect the internal organs so we will have less blood which will circulate in the limbs, hair etc. This explains our drier skin, dry lips, more brittle hair, etc.

Do we store more in winter?

So it is true that in winter we eat more fatty meals (cheese, cold meats, chocolate, etc.). Moreover, it is a holiday period with longer, more substantial and repetitive meals. Everything we eat in excess of sugar and which is not consumed directly with physical activity goes directly into our fat stores. Activities are also less present, with the cold, bad weather, etc.

Do you have any foods/drinks you recommend in winter?

Anaïs particularly appreciates golden milk in winter (vegetable milk heated with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil + spices. All this in a blender which will give a very healthy foam!)

It is important to add warmth to your body, for example: rosemary herbal teas which will help the liver, or nettle which will be remineralizing.

The foods to favor are obviously all green vegetables such as broccoli which contains a lot of vitamin C, steamed Brussels sprouts, tagines, etc. Garlic and onion should also be consumed without moderation!

Anaïs advises favoring soups with vegetables such as carrots, leeks, zucchini, etc. You must be careful not to overboil the soup as the vitamin intake will decrease. For this it is interesting to put a cooked part and a raw part with the leafy vegetables and herbs.

Are probiotics and prebiotics important?

Having good intestinal flora is essential for having a healthy immune system. To do this, you must eat correctly but also evacuate correctly. During a period of constipation there will be self-intoxication which will impact the stomach but also the immune system.

Prebiotic foods are going to be those for good bacteria. It's going to be the fibers. Probiotic foods are going to be those for the bacteria itself. This will be all lacto-fermented products (good quality raw sauerkraut for example, drinks like kombucha etc.)

Do you have any exercise tips to do with your family or alone during this time?

All outdoor activities. Go outside, move around to move the fluids inside our body and thus avoid illness. It is very important to breathe outside and the air.

Do you have any little remedies if you feel sick?

It must be very instinctive! You have to learn to listen to your body, slow down if you feel weak, go on a diet to rest your digestion, avoid gluten and dairy products as much as possible which will promote the production of mucous membranes: runny nose, phlegm, etc. . We must therefore favor fruits and vegetables as much as possible!

We can also use essential oils like ravintsara which is a powerful antiviral.

Do you recommend doing a detox in winter?

For Anaïs, it is preferable to do a detox in spring and not in winter because to detoxify, the body needs a lot of energy, but in winter we must recharge with energy and not consume it. In winter, however, we can do revitalization treatments, a sleep treatment, lighten our diet, etc. to avoid overloading.

To finish, Lucile Bataille gives us her advice and recommendations by playing the “Tonic Quiz” game (quick questions - quick answers):

  • A book to recommend: The bible of naturopathy special living food by Sarah Juhasz
  • A food to eat in winter? The kiwi
  • A favorite recipe? cookies
  • A vitamin that you particularly like? Vitamin C
  • The next person to interview? Licka Sarr, mindfulness practitioner
  • Any final advice for listeners? Have fun !

Find Anaïs on Instagram @anais_outrequinhorion and on her website https://www.anaisoutrequinhorion.com/ and her Facebook group Myhealthyfamily

Excellent listening!

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