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EPYCURE Claire Andreewitch's nutrition & beauty advice for spring

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In this third episode, we had the immense pleasure of interviewing Claire Andreewitch.

Of Swedish origin, she arrived in Paris in 2006 to work in fashion. It was then that Claire trained in naturopathy and yoga. Today, she supports many clients on nutrition, stress management, and skin health. This passionate entrepreneur not only collaborates with numerous brands and media in well-being, but has also published two books with Marabout editions “ Détox zero blabla ” and “R évéléz votre glow ”, and remains very active on her blog and her account Instagram @claireandrewitch .

Claire grew up with a father who was a holistic health practitioner (self-hypnosis), a mother who was a nurse and vegetarian grandparents. She always enjoyed advising those close to her and learning about the different ways to optimize her health. Today, she shares with us her advice and recommendations for making spring a season of renewal. Seasonal food, detox, beauty tips, activity ideas... How to nourish your body from the inside and the outside?

“Spring is rebirth for the body, we gradually regain our strength and we move towards this energy of dynamism. It’s a good time to clean up after winter, a season when we tended to move less and eat more.”

So does this big spring cleaning involve a detox?

Claire explains to us, in a simple way, her vision of detox; we cannot accumulate day after day without eliminating, this is where detox naturally comes in. According to our naturopath, we must move away from long and restrictive cures and opt for intermittent fasting (alternating periods of fasting and periods of normal eating), monodiets (consuming a single food over one or more days), to relieve our emunctories, which include the liver. Start by lightening up in the evening, then at certain times of the day, and finally for entire days, so as not to stress the body. It is essential to listen to yourself, move forward gradually and do things intelligently, so as not to create problems.

His opinion on juice detox: Be careful not to drink juice containing too much fruit (ideally 80% vegetables and 20% fruit) to avoid an overdose of sugar.

His opinion on digital detox: It is important to give your nervous system a break. Claire is trying to increase the number of screen-free evenings and reduce the time she spends on her phone. This changes the quality of sleep and the body revitalizes itself better.

Some dietary recommendations:

  • Focus on green vegetables to help the body purify itself better, rich in revitalizing antioxidants, these will help fight against free radicals. Spring is the return of asparagus, dandelions, but also berries!
  • To drink a lot of water ! Pure water, in which plants such as ginger or mint are infused, overnight.

Her essential beauty/detox procedures:

  • Exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells with dry brushing (brush with natural bristles), in a circular motion, from the bottom to the top of the body, once a day. By stimulating lymphatic circulation, it provides a boost of energy, soft skin, and facilitates body purification.
  • Opt for fruit enzyme masks , which are gentler on the face, preferably in the evening.
  • Moisturize your skin sufficiently so that it remains supple and healthy.

The essentials for your bathroom:

  • Ho wood essential oil , to be included in a facial cream, in a small quantity (1 drop is enough) to tighten pores.
  • Grapefruit essential oil , for the body to stimulate circulation in the thighs and buttocks.

Indication: Never expose yourself to the sun with essential oils to avoid damaging the skin.

Note that omega 3 , a powerful elixir for cells, and zinc , with healing properties, form a perfect combo to help regenerate the skin.

Get moving

Claire practices yoga and muscle strengthening exercises whenever she can.

From now on, physical activity is accessible to everyone, you simply have to find what is motivating for you and not set the bar too high.

And to conclude, Claire shares her tips and good addresses with us through our “Tonic Quiz” (quick questions-quick answers):

  • A book to recommend : A Return to Love, by Marianne Williamson
  • A place to discover yoga : Shiva Rea’s classes
  • A plant to consume : Mint (tonifying, purifying, anti-nausea),
  • A tip for getting the glow back : Put on music you love and dance!
  • A place to discover in spring : Stockholm, of course
  • An address in Stockholm : Rosendal Garden
  • An ingredient to always have in your cupboard : Ginger, grated or in slices.
  • Next person to interview : Melody Szymczak, author of the book “How to Become a Cosmic Girl”
  • One last piece of advice to give : Do everything with kindness and love

If you liked this episode, find Claire on her Instagram account @claireandreewitch , but also on her blog to stock up on well-being advice, as well as at Marabout editions, with her two books “ Reveal your glow ” and “ Detox zero blabla .”

Good listening !

We'll see you next week for a new episode of Club Bonheur.