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EPYCURE Pills: what to do if you forget?

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Taking your 2 personalized Epycure pills daily is a simple gesture but it can happen that when you are a little distracted or because you are far from the nest, forgetfulness rears its ugly head despite your good will.

To remedy this, here are some easy solutions to put in place to remedy it and continue your treatment diligently.

Have you forgotten your 2 pills once or more than once?

1. Inhale

First of all, you risk nothing and the effects of your treatment will continue if you have been fairly regular in your daily intake. Now is the time to adopt new methods so as not to forget it again.

2. Exhale

Just because you forget to take your pills once or twice a month does not mean that this will jeopardize the effectiveness of your treatment and the hope of achieving your goals. On the other hand, if forgetting becomes too regular, the effects may be reduced and it will take you longer to feel the benefits.

3. Don't compensate

There is no point in taking a double dose the next day , the body will not assimilate all the vitamins you give it at once. The contribution of your treatment must be constant and progressive. So continue your treatment calmly by adopting as many of our wellness tips as possible to optimize its effects.

4. Don’t put your treatment on hold

If you have forgotten a few doses, you will have a few extra pills left at the end of the month, but do not suspend your subscription because there is a risk that you will never finish your treatment . It would be a shame not to complete the efforts undertaken.

What techniques to stop forgetting them?

1. Associate taking your pills with a daily action

This could be when you get up, when you put on your makeup, when you brush your teeth, when you put in your contacts, when you have your coffee. Create ritual moments of well-being with which you associate taking your pills .

2. Create reminders on your phone

This is certainly the best technique, putting a little alert or daily reminder that rings in your diary will surely allow you to avoid some forgetfulness.

3. The post-it technique

Write yourself a few kind words on a post-it that you can stick on your fridge, to remind yourself. These can be positive mantras to start the day off right.

4. Move your pill box

In the kitchen next to the coffee machine, you will be sure to have it with you to have before your breakfast.

5. Take your travel pill organizer with you everywhere

If you forget your pills one morning, don't panic if the little travel pill box is full and in the right bag it could well save you!

6. Stock up on pills at the office

Do you have any pills left at the end of the month? Don't throw them away and use them to fill your travel pill box or keep them in a small box at the office. The next time you forget, this could be your plan B.

8. Adopt our wellness tips to improve your concentration

Focus on omega 3 : small fatty fish, nuts, rapeseed oil, flax seeds, etc. B group vitamins (wheat germ, leafy green vegetables) and animal or vegetable proteins.

Spend as much as possible and choose walking over public transport. Physical exercise provides nutrients and oxygen to brain cells and allows them to function optimally.

Sleep, it is during sleep that the body regenerates. Sleepless nights are associated with poorer ability to concentrate and selection of important information.

Meditate, it lowers blood cortisol levels and perceived stress levels, concentration , sleep and brain performance.

Come and answer our questionnaire to find out what your body needs and so that we can provide you with your personalized solution.